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Account Role level required for vWorkspace/NetApps - Flexclone


We are using vWorkspace 7.1MR1 / vSphere4.1 with Netapp Filers to use the "Flexclone" solution to provisioning / save space !!!

for VDI's. This requires a account to be created on the Filers to allow the process for vWorkspace to talk to the

Filers to use the Flexclone feature

we ..DONT want to use the Filers "root" account ( ie in vWorkspace Console : -  Management Servers - Properties - Default Credentials )

instead we have created a specific account which requires Netapps "roles"

we applied a set of roles to the account and have Flexclone working ( via trial and error ) but what i need

is a official list of what roles are required ?? eg. api-system-api-*, api-system-get-*.....etc


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