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Best way to find bottleneck ?

Hi, I have few vWorkspace Remote Desktop Servers (Hyper-V VM) and one vWorkspace SSL Gateway (Physical Machine).  I have some problem requests witch users are complaining about slow keyboard input, that is the keyboard inputs from client takes long time from client to server.  Some users do not want to use the "local text echo" witch is always coming up, I think the default latency was about 200ms, so if the local text echo is showing there must be some bottleneck between the client and server.  The only thing that I can think of is the vWorkspace SSL Gateway is creating some latency issues, I´ve checked the performance between the ssl gateway and terminal servers and I get upto 900Mbits pr sec.  How can I find if the SSL Gateway is causing a massive latency problem or where can I start to find the problem ?

I´m using vWorkspace 7.2 Server and the users are using vWorkspace 7.2 clients, I´ve tried to turn of all the settings such as EOP, and everything in experience in settings on the client.

SSL Gateway = secure-it version 7.2 running on Windows 2008 R2 x64.

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