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Broker - Load balancing

Hi There,

We currently have 2 brokers, each with the latest version of vWorkspace Connection broker - version 7.6.305.791. The OS on these brokers is also the same i.e., Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition with SP1 installed. We have enabled the broker logging as well.

We are currently running a RDS environment i.e., using Session Hosts with regards to vWorkspace usage with a few VDI's. All the RDS servers are also on W2K8 R2 Enterprise with SP1 installed

1) We would like to know as to how we can find out if the user session's are getting load balanced between both the brokers i.e., where can we see the number of user's connected to each broker at any given instance. Does vWorkspace reporting provide this information ..?

Note: When we initiate the Windows "Resource Monitor" on the broker, we do see that broker 1 is talking to broker 2 internally (probably) with regards to Network Utilization i.e., we see the send and receive values increase and decrease on the other broker listed.

2) In the Broker1 logging - we dont see any events of Broker2. However, on Broker2 in the broker logging, we see the below error:

25-Oct-2012 14:26:34 - 304 : 9964 - CXmlHandler::relayMessage: ERROR: BROKER1 - Connect to broker service failed.

25-Oct-2012 14:27:17 - 304 : 9524 - CXmlHandler::relayMessage: ERROR: BROKER1 - error reading socket

The above error gives us the clue that they are NOT able to talk to each other. Hence needed some clarification here.

Please let us know if still any further information is needed in this regards.



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