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Connector for Mac OS X 7.5.1 connection lost

While using the Connector for Mac OS X 7.5.1 and browsing the Mac's local hard disk from the Windows Desktop session, I get the error "The connection has been lost. Attempting to reconnect to your session... Connection attempt 5 of 5" and it just sits there until I hit cancel, which takes me back to the Mac's desktop.

If you just browse a couple of directories you have no problem, but if you start clicking around and go to many different directories it happens and is repeatable. With the color depth set to 15 or 16bit you will see the error message for a second, but then your file browser goes back to the Windows C drive. With color depth set to 24 bit, it just plan losses connection to where I have to cancel the Windows session and then reconnect.

Is this a known issue? Is there any work arounds? Has anyone else seen this issue?

QWDV 7.6 with Hotfix 217443

pntools also failed on

With and without Secure-IT



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