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Help - machines not building all the time

Hi Everyone,

I've Inherited a quest vWorkspce network and im having some trouble. Hopefully someone will be able to help me with the following..

QUEST vWorkspace 7.6

1 x Broker - 2008R2

2 x Hyper-v Hosts both with 128GB RAM, Server 2008R2

Windows 7 Hosts with up to 4GB RAM available,

1. Hyper-v Host 1

When quest gets up to around 70-80 machines, Host 1 hangs and is unresponsive. There is nothing in any of the event logs to indicate why.

This first happened last Thursday. Looking into it then I noticed that in Hyper-V, on both Host 1 and 2 there were over 2000 VM's. It seemed not to be deleting the machines as they are re provisioned. So we manually deleted all the duplicate machines in hyper-v and got this down to around 100 machines on each. This brought the diskspace on the placement volumes up from around 30GB Free to over 100GB free.

I had hoped that would cure the crashing problem but it didn't and it happened again today.

Again, there is nothing obvious in the logs to indicate why. After restarting Host 1, it initializes and carries on as normal.

2. 2 machines stuck in quest.

I have 2 machines (that I have now disabled) that no matter what you do to them, they wont delete from the quest console. I have restarted the broker and the services and re-attempt to delete them but they wont budge.

3. Errors creating machines for various reasons.

Ive attached 4 screen shots of errors I get daily when the machines are trying to be provisioned. These may have something to do with problem 1 but im not sure. If i manually delete the machines they provision fine. It seems something is stopping them on a random basis. The servers are set to destroy all machines at 2am and reprovision them. When I get to the console in the morning, out of 100 machines, 80ish will be working the other 20 will have failed.

I hope at least some of this makes sense and I do appreciate you taking the time to read this.


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You fix issue one with the recent mandatory hot fix that we've released.

I'll look that up for you in the morning.

Issue 2 is fixed by holding down Ctrl and shift whilst performing the delete in our console.

Thanks, Andrew

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Thank you Andrew - much appreciated.

Is there any way I can tell from the console which hotfixes have been applied if any?


Good Morning,


to find out what is installed already.

1. Open Control Panel

2. Click Programs and features

3. Click View Installed updates

4. Scroll through the list of MS updates and you'll get through to the vWorkspace updates.

The 7.6 hotfix you need to fix the duplicate machines is

Hotfix 308602

If you can't login to support.quest.com to download this, you'll want to phone the support admins on 01628 518007 (UK number) to set you up with a support account.

If you still keep getting the errors in problem section 3 after installing those updates, you'll probably want to raise a case with support as it looks like we'll need to get in depth.


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Hi Ben,

It's good to see you found the communities, I hope we can help resolve these issues for you.

The hotfix that Andrew mentioned can be found here, it was released to correct a product defect that could result in duplicte VM's. For details on all the hotfixes available for vWorkspace 7.6 we have a summary document on the support portal, or click here.

The hotfix summary table also shows the build version, e.g.7.6.1052, which can indicate whether a hotfix has been applied or not. The build version only increments the components affected by the fix not the version number shown in the vWorkspace Console.

One of the reasons you may have seen these duplicates could be the default delete behaviour. In the vWorkspace Console when you right-click on a VDI and choose delete what options do you have selected?

You will see a pop-up like the one below, you should have both the options selected as in the screenshot, this ensures that vWorkspace cleans up HyperV and AD when the VDI's are deleted. If the top one (delete from virtual management system) is not enabled then the VM's will not be removed correctly.




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Thanks both. I will have a look at the hotfixes and let you know.

On the broker (which is presumably where I install the hotfixes) it seems that there have not been any installed. We are running 7.6.305.791 and the KB article detailing the hotfix table only goes down to .796 so im guessing we are a way behind witht the hotfixes. Is there another KB article detailing earlier hotfixes that are needed?

David, when deleting machines I am selecting both those options to delete the machines from AD and Hyper-V but it still is not. Hopefully I can install the hotfix next week and this will resolve the issue.

Any ideas on the others?

Thanks both for all your help so far.

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