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Linux connector 7.0 on RHEL 6 64 bit

I realize that RHEL 6 is not listed under system requirements, and 5.5 is, but I figured I would have a go at getting the connector to work under 64 bit RHEL 6.

Following the install process, I created a sym link to my kernel source, and was able to run the pre-req checker successfully.  Could not find a suitable speex, so that is the one thing I am missing.  According to the script, this should just mean that microphone redirection does not work.  All other items present and accounted for.

I installed using the wizard.  When I tried to launch qrdesktop from terminal, it told me it could not open the shared library libscrypto.so.6.  I had a newer version in /usr/lib, so I sym linked to that, and resolved that error.  Now, I get a simliar error about something else:

qrdesktop: error while loading shared libraries: libao.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

A newer libao lives in /usr/lib64, but sym linking there does not affect the error, and creating a sym link in the /usr/lib folder to the newer libao in /usr/lib64 rightly complains that the architecture is wrong.

As I said, I passed all the pre-req's in the script.  Any idea how I might get this going?  Is the linux connector going to get an upgrade given that the core product is on 7.2 now?



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