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RDSH (TS) Provisioning


Finally getting around to moving our RDSh servers into the new instant provisioning model in vWorkspace 7.5.

I have created a template, provisioned a single child VM on to one of the Hyper-V hosts and everything looks fine. I've created an application/resource to access the server but get the following error:


The status of the RDSh server looks ok in the management console:


I can even manually RDP to the host and all works as it should.

If I login to the parent image via vWorkspace, all is fine too so it's just the child.

Oddly when I "try" and connect to the child in the management console (be double clicking the host entry), it hangs for a few seconds and then doesn't connect (with no error).


If I open the management console on the session host directly and double click it's entry, I can connect fine, view session info, etc.

To assist, I've disable the firewall on the host.

Any ideas? What have I missed?



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