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USB drive not detecting by Wyse Thin Client

Hi Team ,

i am using Wyse thin Client D10D with Vworkspace 8.0MR1. VDi are working fine with Wyse Thin client D10D. Some of my user want access to Usb drives for external data acess . USB device access to VDI is allowed under connection policies.Usb is redirection  to VDi from thin client is working fine . small size USB drives are visible and accessible in VDi .

But large size harddisk  are not working which is suppoting USB interface 3.0 .Even 2.0 is also not visible inside VDI.

do i need to configure some setting so USB redirection work properly for 500 Gb and 1Tb USb disk also.




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Hi Ravi,

I haven't run into this issue before but I've rarely seen such large disks redirected into VDIs. Is this something that happens regularly? If so maybe a mapped network drive would provide better performance?

Do you have "auto connect to local devices" ticked for disks on the D10D?

Are these devices redirected when using a Windows end point? If you try from a Windows end point, make sure to use our latest 8.5 connector as we added support for USB 3.0 http://documents.software.dell.com/DOC252107 

Thanks, Sam

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I'm not using vWorkspace but facing the very same issue with D10D devices: usb pen drives are perfectly detected, however as soon as I plug in a mass storage USB external HDD, I can see it detected in the D10D logs but not as a regular HDD. It then fails to be mapped into the user's session.

I haven't found any solution so far :(

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Hi Guys,

Are they formatted as NTFS? this has been our issue here, FAT32 Formatted Drives work straight away, NTFS drives are not working at all no matter what i do


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