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VDI desktops not being re-created when deleted ?

Got a bit of an issue here. 

Our autosize settings are set to keep a minimum of 110 live machines with a demand buffer of 32.

When users log off the machine gets deleted and removed from the broker and hyper-v. However, it isn't then re-created. If i enable maintenance mode and drain the cloud, i can then disable maintenance mode and it builds all the desktops as it should. 

Once users log off and the machines are not re-created we are then running out of machines and users are unable to log on. 

All hosts and brokers are available, 

Any ideas?

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Hi Jamin,

Do lots of users all log in and out at the same time?

If so it might be taking time for the minimum number to be realised, I would suggest increasing the minimum and maybe also the buffer.

If you still run into issues, I would grab broker logs from all brokers and log a support case.



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