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VWorkspace 8.6.309.4265 and VSphere support

We are not in Maintenance any longer with VWorkspace as it is an EOL product. We last installed 8.6.309.4265 and were running Vsphere 5.5 u3 and that was fine. However now, as we are migrating to Xen, we have had to purchase 3 new servers for the farm. Modern hardware is not compatible with VSphere 5.5 and we need to go up to at LEAST 6.0 u3 to have our new hardware work with VSphere. 

My question is, with no Broker patches, does vanilla 8.6.309.4265 work with Vsphere 6.0 u3? 

If not, does anyone know a place to get the latest vWorkspace broker patch without support? (The latest broker patch supports up to vSphere 6.5)

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