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Wierd Flash redirection issue (flash not working)

Hi all,

I noticed that flash redirection is not working any more at our vWorkspace RDS environment (7.2 mr1).

The problem is that when you try to start a youtube movie you will see: An error occurred, Please Try again later.

At the server we use flash version 10 (best practice from quest), at the client (Windows 7) I run flash version 11 (latest version, user behavior :-)). So I removed flash 11 from my client and installed version 10.

When I login to the environment I will see the message that I have to upgrade flash to the latest version. So when I upgrade to the latest version at the client the old message is back. "An error occurred, Please Try again later."

So for testing I also upgrade the version at the server to version 11, but that did not work... "An error occurred, Please Try again later."

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