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Windows 8.1 Internal error occured when using web acces

I've recently upgraded mij PC to Windows 8.1.

When i'm logging in to our Web Access portal en start an application I get the following error : Internal error occured.

Details :

OS                          :Windows 81. x64

Connector version     : 8.0.1186 from hotfix 271675

I was wondering if there is a workaround for this issue ?



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Agree , with all - in our environment we cant control what the Users are bringing on campus

Again as Dan was saying the likes of Citrix and VMWare are knocking on our door ..

Not quite the issue we are talking about but if you looking at the reviews of the Citrix for Win8 / tablets - not that positive !!! ,  vmware horizon view client looks better

I guess for some the only workaround at the moment is prob to use the Java client  ?? , or a more up to date HTML5 client solution


Hello Guys,

The Java Client does seem to work with Windows8.1

I recommend you add the Java Connector to your WebAccess sites so that you have a workaround for your Windows 8.1 users for now whilst we wait for the new connector.

Thanks ,Andrew

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Thanks Andrew for sending hotfix 318187, it works like a charm.

Send out a thanks to the developers aswell.

Regards Misha

Some extra info :

Backend still runs 7.6.

Virtual Desktops got PnTools 8.0 installed

RDS Servers run vWorkspace 7.6



No trouble at all. Glad to get it out to you guys.

Looks like Michel has just blogged about it too which means it is now on our main website and can be downloaded from https://support.quest.com/SolutionDetail.aspx?id=SOL115599 in case anyone else is after it.

Thanks, Andrew.

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Good morning Andrew,

What i noticed during the install is that it's labeled as vWorkspace 8.0 MR1, does this mean that MR1 will be available soon.

Any ETA on MR1 and is it a good idea to wait for it since we've got the upgrade from  7.6 to 8.0 of our backend planned.

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We expect vWorkspace 8.0 MR1 to be available in the first half of November.



Will 8.0 Mr1 follow our old MR1 format where you have to have 8.0 installed before you can install mr1 or will VGGM be able to go straight there from 7.6?

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8.0 MR1 is a full installer, no need to install the 8.0 RTM then MR1.

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Why not just call it 8.1?

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