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vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 and Powershell


I'm trying to disable logon to the Remote Desktop servers in our vWorkspace Farm. I know I can do this in the console application, but is there a way to accomplish this with powershell.

The reason for this solution is because of failing RDS server(s) in our farm. When this happens the connection broker still thinks the RDS server is availible when it's not. When users try to logon the broker directs the session to the failing RDS server and an error follows.

When I disable user logon in the console my users can continue connecting to the RDS servers and I can repair the faulty RDS Server. What I want to accomplish is that a script monitors the RDS servers, whenever the server is unresponsive I want the script to disable the logon to that server.

My farm is at version 7.2 MR1 and the RDS servers are Windows 2008 R2 I installed the vWorkspace powershell module 7.2.303.0278

Any help would be appreciated


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RE: vWorkspace 7.2 MR1 and Powershell

Hi Marco,

What is causing the RDSH servers to fail? Does a service stop?

This might not be exactly what you are after but if you upgraded to 7.6 then you could use Foglight for Virtual Desktops (in an integrated fashion) to monitor your RDSH servers.

You could then use the RDSH maintenance options feature of vWorkspace 7.6 to put the relevant RDSH server(s) in maintenance mode so you could investigate the issue:

If not then perhaps look at Chglogon

I hope this helps,


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