Dell Studio One 19 Desktop

Dell Studio One 19 Desktop

Dell Studio One 19 Desktop
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Begs to Be Touched
Reach out and explore the Dell Studio One 19’s 18.5" display with optional multi-touch screen functionality on a choice of 4 color fabric trim options or Solid Pure White trim border

  • Crystal clear 16:9 widescreen flat panel HD display
  • User-friendly touch applications with optional multi-touch screen
  • Powerful NVIDIA®  graphics with up to an Intel®  Quad-Core processor
  • Optional wireless keyboard and mouse and optional built-in WiFi



360°and Video
360° and Video

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Dell Studio One 19 Desktop

It’s One for All

The new Dell Studio One 19 desktop has packed everything you need and want into one beautiful design with optional multi-touch screen capabilities. Whether you are watching your favorite TV shows using the optional TV tuner or perusing your photos, you’ll be impressed with the crystal clear clarity on its 18.5" HD widescreen display. With a variety of performance features and colorful personalization options, the Dell Studio One 19 desktop was designed to fit seamlessly in your home while complementing your style.

Dell Studio One 19 Desktop

One Simple Design

Dell Studio One 19 is an all-in-one desktop computer that fits both the tower and monitor into a stunning, space-saving design. The result is a simple, one-cable setup with substantially fewer cords and wires. And with an optional wireless keyboard and mouse, smooth design features and a choice of 4 color fabric trim options or one Solid Pure White trim border, the Dell Studio One 19 will fit seamlessly in your office, kitchen, family room or just about anywhere.

Begs to Be Touched

Flick. Grab. Stretch. Drag. Reach out and touch the Dell Studio One 19 desktop using the optional touch technology. Access your favorite media with user-friendly multi-touch applications in the Touch Zone.
  • Manage and edit your photos and videos, or upload directly to YouTubeTM  using TouchCam with a simple slide of your fingertip
  • Organize the entire family’s schedule with Cozi Family Organizer and leave notes for when they come home. This feature can be used with or without multi-touch capabilities
  • Inspire your kids’ inner artists with You Paint and other touch-friendly games
  • And that’s not all. Dell has also enabled multi-touch scrolling, panning and zooming across most other applications ― like Internet web browsers, Microsoft Word applications, spreadsheets and more ― outside of the Touch Zone
   See how multi-touch works.

Dell Studio One 19 Desktop

Dell Studio One 19 Desktop

Precise Design, Big Performance

This sleek, all-in-one design is packed full of powerful features.
  • Available with up to Intel®  Core™2 Quad processor optimized for processor-intensive multimedia applications, driving your system and digital entertainment experience further and faster than ever before
  • The integrated 1.3-megapixel webcam* and a built-in microphone allow you to easily stay in touch with friends and family
  • Maximize your performance with integrated NVIDIA®  graphics that will bring your media to life
  • Watch your favorite TV shows live from your PC with the optional external TV tuner
  • Easy data transfer options, including a 7-in-1 media card reader, 6 USB drives, integrated gigabit Ethernet and more

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Dell DataSafeTM  Online
Our online backup service offers data protection by enabling customers to back up data to a safe, remote storage site using a broadband connection. Dell DataSafe Online is easy, flexible and secure. Set up and forget it for backup of data and help protecting against software, hardware and catastrophic failure.

Dell Support Center
Our centrally located, easy-to-use application provides personalized support resources. Conveniently located on your PC’s desktop with quick links to service, support and system resources. Helps keep your system up-to-date and running efficiently through automated fixes for common configuration issues.
Dell Studio One 19 Desktop

Dell Studio One 19 Video

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