PowerEdge R905 Rack Server

PowerEdge R905 Rack Server
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Architected for performance and streamlined virtualization deployment.

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Architected and Designed for Virtualization Performance

Architected for Virtualization Performance

The DellTM  PowerEdgeTM  R905 was designed for architected performance and streamlined virtualization deployment. It’s fine-tuned to provide virtualization performance with an ideal formula of processor technology, memory capacity, and I/O scalability. Featuring up to 2x the memory and I/O scalability of the previous generation standard 4U 4-socket servers, the PowerEdge R905 helps remove the barriers to running memory and I/O-bound applications like VMware’s ESX server. The PowerEdge R905 also allows you to start migrating real virtual machines within a few clicks of a mouse, streamlining deployment in virtualized environments.

Dell’s virtualization strategy is to help you manage your infrastructure with the tools you already have, which is why we work with industry leaders to deliver an integrated solution for managing physical and virtual infrastructures.

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Smarter Path to Virtualization

A smart foundation designed to deliver exceptional performance the competition can’t beat. From initial design and deployment to on-going support, Dell is focused on eliminating unnecessary steps in managing your virtual infrastructure. Dell offers fixed-scope services that can deliver the expertise you need when and where you need it, to help you quickly and efficiently deploy an optimized virtual infrastructure.

Dell’s server and storage platforms are engineered for virtual environments to help provide an optimal balance between performance and cost. We also partner with the leading providers of virtualization solutions to provide you with choice and flexibility in your virtualization deployments.

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Smarter Path to Virtualization
Energy Efficient

An Energy Efficient Virtualization Solution

Dell’s approach to optimization emphasizes energy efficiency at every level of the infrastructure. Boasting high energy-efficient power supplies and memory, plus the latest AMD processors*, the PowerEdgeTM  R905 is designed for businesses that want a combination of virtualization performance and low energy consumption. Together, the PowerEdge R905 and Dell’s PS5000 family of SAN arrays – built on EqualLogic Virtualization Technology – are engineered to provide an energy-efficient virtualized iSCSI solution.

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System Support

Dell ProSupport for IT is designed to provide tech-to-tech support for IT Professionals, Database Administrators and internal service desks or helpdesks. Features such as Fast-Track Dispatch, direct access to Dell Expert Centers, and customer-controlled severity levels were designed with your specific challenges in mind. With Dell ProSupport for IT, you are treated like the expert you are – allowing you to satisfy the needs of your internal customers while freeing up your time to focus on strategic IT projects.

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