Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation

Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation

Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation
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Dell Precision M4500
The world's most powerful 15.6" mobile workstation: a superior combination of mobility and professional productivity maximized by awesome performance and impressive scalability to empower the most demanding applications.

  • Supreme Horsepower: Intel®  CoreTM  i7 Extreme Edition processor, Windows®  7 Ultimate, and NVIDIA®  Quadro®  FX 1800M graphics
  • Innovative Options: Choose an optional SSD MiniCard for additional high-performance data storage
  • Reliability & Compatibility: Globally available and compatible with the entire DellTM  LatitudeTM  E-Family product portfolio




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Dell Precision M4500

Maximized Performance

Working "on the go" has never been so powerful and productive. A robust mobile workstation, the Dell Precision M4500 features:

  • Windows®  7 Ultimate
  • Advanced 3D graphics featuring NVIDIA®  Quadro®  FX 880M or Quadro®  FX 1800M graphics engine with 1GB of dedicated graphics memory for demanding tasks such as video editing, animation, and CAD manipulation.
  • Intel®  CoreTM  i5, CoreTM  i7 and CoreTM  i7 Quad Extreme Edition processors for number crunching performance.
  • 3 years long-life battery to maximize productivity.
  • 15.6" high resolution display
  • Comprehensive security and data protection features such as a pre-boot, multi-factor user authentication and hardware processed drive encryption.
Dell Precision M4500 - Maximized Performance

Application Empowering

ISV-Certified Technology
Dell understands that professions requiring a mobile workstation also demand technical reliability and ease of integration. To that end, we:
  • Partner with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to certify system and application compatibility, right out of the box.
  • Conduct rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance on every Dell Precision workstation.
  • Base every Dell Precision workstation on standards-based technologies.
Select an ISV-certified Dell Precision workstation to help ensure that the demanding applications you depend on run smoothly, right out of the box.

Dell Precision M4500 - Mobility and High Scalability

Mobility and High Scalability

The Dell Precision M4500 offers prodigious scalability for a 15.6" mobile workstation. Each M4500 system is backed with a variety of innovative technologies to take on and keep up with the growing demands of the business world.

  • Estimated starting weight of only 6.0 lbs/2.73 kg.
  • Up to 256 GB high-speed, highly reliable solid-state drives (SSDs), designed without moving parts to help improve data reliability.
  • Innovative optional SSD MiniCard for additional high-performance data storage.
  • Easy wireless communication with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®  and mobile-broadband options.
  • Dell Precision ON technology for near-instant access to e-mail, calendar, contacts and the Web, as well as easy access to virtual remote desktops.

Solutions for Total Control of Ownership

As part of the DellTM  E-Family product line, Dell Precision mobile workstations are compatible with existing E-Family accessories, including port replicators, notebook stands, display and monitor stands, and external storage modules.

Equipped with Intel®  vProTM  technology and delivered with Dell ControlPointTM  software to help manage system settings and connections, the M4500 also embeds Dell ControlVault security, FIPS fingerprint reader and contactless smart-card reader. Together, these options provide a comprehensive solution that can help to strengthen and simplify security.

Dell Services, such as Dell ImageDirectTM , CFI, Dell ProSupportTM  or lifecycle services, are also available on Dell Precision mobile workstations, making these systems easy to manage, support and deploy.


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