XPS 420 Desktop

XPS 420 Desktop
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Introducing the high-style XPS 420, offering cutting-edge performance and professional-grade features designed to help you achieve creative mastery.
Intel® Core™2 Duo Extreme


Extreme Processing Power

Choose from the latest Intel®  processors, which use the new Intel X38 Express chipset – state-of-the-art processing designed to drive your system and digital entertainment experience further and faster than ever before.


Ultimate Windows Vista Productivity

Microsoft Windows Vista®  Home Premium or Ultimate offers a whole new way to manage your memories, your digital music and your life, all with enhanced security and a new 3D user-interface.

Windows Vista

Dell XPS 420

Four-Star Entertainment

Turn your XPS 420 into a command center for Hi-Def entertainment. Watch HDTV on your system with an optional TV tuner or surround yourself with Hi-Def audio. Plus, with an optional Blu-ray drive, you can enjoy amazing Hi-Def movie quality and burn Blu-ray discs that store up to 50GB of info.

Take your experience one step further with a large, Dell UltraSharpTM  widescreen display for killer visuals that are bright, crisp, clear, fast, and vibrant.

Build Your Empire

Cameras, PDAs, advanced graphics cards, wireless keyboards and mice – the XPS 420 takes all comers and handles them with ease:

  • 1394 video transfer capability with front and back A/V ports for fast photo and video downloads
  • 8 USB ports (2 front, 6 back) to connect mobile devices and accessories
  • Six expansion slots (PCI and PCIe) support graphics cards, a TV tuner, or even an Ageia PhysXTM  card for optimized gaming
  • Bluetooth®  2.0 to wirelessly connect keyboards, cameras, phones, mice and more
  • eSATA port for connecting additional external storage
  • S-video and analog RCA outputs
Dell XPS 420

Dell DataSafe

Cover Your Assets

These days, building a digital media collection takes time and dedication. Protect that hard work with the included one-year subscription to 10GB of Dell DataSafe online backup. Store your photos, videos, MP3s, documents, and other data at a remote storage site and keep them safe from software and hardware failures plus catastrophic events like floods and fire.

High-Quality Sound

For high-quality sound, choose the optional Bose®  Companion®  3 Series II Multimedia speaker system, which delivers striking clarity, depth, and stereo performance with added spaciousness and ambience not found in most conventional speaker systems.
High-Quality Sound

Preload music and movies on your new Dell PC

Start enjoying your favorite music and movies as soon as you get your new Dell.