XPS 730 Desktop PC

XPS 730 Desktop PC
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Dell XPS 730 desktop gaming PC - Dell's latest and greatest technology and design for Extreme Gamers and Performance users.

Dell XPS 730 Desktop

Full-Throttle Graphics

Get a quad-graphics solution for a lightning-fast gaming experience. Quad Graphics allow you to take advantage of the most demanding visual enhancements inherent in the latest games without compromising your performance.

Dell XPS 730 Desktop

Extreme Overclocked Speed

With your choice of fast Intel®  dual, quad and extreme-core processors, including optional factory-overclocking*, the XPS 730 delivers reliable performance right out of the box. Add blinding speeds with up to 4GB* of Overclocked DDR3 Corsair®  DOMINATOR memory, 1600MHz Overclocked.*

H2C Hybrid Liquid Cooling

The XPS 730 H2C comes with Dell’s patented two-stage cooling system that helps keep your overclocked* CPU and chipset cool and stable. The innovative H2C hybrid solution combines a liquid radiator, a thermoelectric cooling module and control circuitry, optimizing CPU cooling with minimal power consumption. Standard on Victory Red and Stealth Blue, optional on the Brushed Aluminum model.

Upgrade, Expand and Dominate

Be the first to dominate with advances in gaming technology with a standard ATX case chassis design.

Dell XPS 730 Desktop


Optimize your PC’s Performance with ESA!
ESA enables real-time and complete PC performance management, while delivering new control and monitoring features for thermal, electric and acoustic characteristics. Tune your system to sustain peak performance or whisper-quiet operation.

Uncompromising Design

Let your rivals drool over the powerful components inside your system. The XPS 730 combines incredible power with uncompromising design for peak performance. Available in Brushed Aluminum, Victory Red and Stealth Blue.

Enjoy First Class Support

Superior service is standard with XPSTM  products. Dell XPSTM  technicians pass rigorous XPSTM  products-specific training, and support calls are normally answered in less than 2 minutes.

You can also count on the latest virus and spyware protection,
1 year of Dell DataSafeTM  Online Backup, and 24x7 telephone support. In short, the ownership experience is just like the machine itself – top of the line.
Dell XPS support

Preload music and movies on your new Dell PC

Start enjoying your favorite music and movies as soon as you get your new Dell.

Dell XPS Videos

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