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Antivirus Installation

A strong defense is the best offense from incoming viruses. Let our experts install
and configure the security software you need to guard and protect your computer
and most importantly, your personal data.

Antivirus Installation
What`s Included:
Walk you through installing one antivirus software*
Help you setup and schedule automatic antivirus software updates to ensure you have the most current virus protection
Configure real-time scans to protect you when downloading documents from e-mail or the Internet
Setup automatic periodic virus scans to provide ongoing protection
Assist you in securing your computer with a firewall
* Antivirus software not included

Phone Support
More than just a fix, our phone support service will take you step by step through the antivirus installation so that you’re learning along the way. Our expert technicians have the ability to work on your computer remotely, providing the added convenience to sit back and watch while we work.

In-Home Computer Service Sometimes you need more than just a phone call. Let our expert technicians install antivirus software for you. All you have to do is schedule a service appointment with us and we’ll do all the work.

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