Learn More About Dell DataSafe Online

Learn More About Dell DataSafe Online

What is Dell DataSafe Online Backup?

Dell DataSafe Online is an online backup service that encrypts and backs up your important data (music, photos, email, financial records, and other important documents) offsite to secure data centers using your internet connection and helps protect it from software corruption, accidental deletion of files, hard drive crashes, theft and natural disasters.

Dell DataSafe Online's "one-step" setup and file selection wizard was designed to make using this service easy for any type of user.

When does my Subscription to Dell DataSafe Online start?

If you received this service with your purchase of a new XPS™, Inspiron™ or Vostro™ system, the service will come already-installed. You must activate your Dell DataSafe account as soon as your computer is delivered to gain its benefits, as your 1-year Subscription will start to run from the date we ship the computer to you. To activate your 30 day trial, go to run/programs/find the DataSafe Online program and follow the registration process by clicking on “activate your account”. To activate your DataSafe Online account, click on the desktop icon and follow the registration process by clicking on “Activate Your Account”.

If you are purchasing DataSafe to download onto your current computer, then your 1-year Subscription will begin as soon as your order is accepted by us. To register your account and download Dell DataSafe Online, check for the Dell “welcome email” and follow activation steps. A Dell order number is required to complete the registration.

Why should I back up my files using online backup?

Dell DataSafe Online's automated file selection and scan takes the headache out of looking for data to back up on your PC. Also, by registering all of your Dell systems for DataSafe Online, you can avoid the hassles of using disks, tapes, DVDs, and floppies for your backups.

How safe is Dell DataSafe Online?

Dell DataSafe Online uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption to protect your data and it also uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit to protect the transmission of your data to the data centers. Once your data arrives in the data center, we store multiple redundant copies of all your encrypted files. We understand the importance of keeping your important data secure and protected so you will be able to access your data through a unique user name and password combination. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your important data from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

How does Dell DataSafe Online work?

There are two parts to your Dell DataSafe Online backup service.

1) Dell DataSafe Online Software - The DataSafe Online software makes it easy to select what you’d like backed up along with the schedule for performing backups. You can choose the default backup plan to quickly and easily help protect all of your important data, or modify the plan to back up only certain types of files. For the length of your subscription, DataSafe Online software will run your backup plan automatically at the scheduled time.

2) Dell DataSafe Online Website - The website allows you to remotely access and share the last set of files you backed up. You can also use the website to update your billing and account information.

How do I know it's running?

It's easy: whenever you want to check to see how your backups are doing, just launch the Dell DataSafe Online software using the icon on your desktop. Dell DataSafe Online can also be accessed through Dell Support Center on your desktop. Extensive logs will provide a quick status of your backups and recovery.

How do I know when the download is complete?

After each online backup, you will receive a confirmation message stating that your backup is complete. After your files are initially backed up, only changes to the files will be saved during subsequent backups. This eliminates redundant copies of the same file leaving you more room to back up your most valuable data. It also helps save time required for each backup by only backing up the files that have changed since the last backup.

How often should I make backups?

By default, remote backups to secure servers will automatically occur once a week. You can customize this backup schedule, or run manual backups anytime. Dell DataSafe Online's flexible scheduler allows you to specify which days you would like backups to happen.

How much can I back up?

You can back up any combination of photos, digital music, Word documents, and other important files that add up to your storage size capacity. See the chart at the bottom of this  as your guide to understand how many files you can back up.

What files should I back up?

Dell DataSafe Online can store many different file types. Use the easy-to-use category selection screen or choose specific files and folders. You should only back up personal files that are important and cannot be easily replaced. You should not back up your Windows® operating system or program files.

Will I be able to retrieve previous versions of my back-ups?

No. Dell DataSafe Online is a back-up service and not an archival service. This means that each time it performs a back-up, it replaces the previous copy of your backed-up data with the most recent version of the data on your system, and you will not be able to access any previous back-up.

What happens to my data when my subscription ends?

If your subscription is not renewed before it expires, your account will be deactivated and your data deleted. If you want to check your subscription end date, please click log into your web account. Your subscription end date is noted in the right-most frame of the My Account section. In any event, we will send you a reminder just before your annual subscription ends.

What are the system requirements for using Dell DataSafe Online?

Dell DataSafe Online requires a Microsoft®  Windows XP or Windows VistaTM  operating system; Pentium M 733 Mhz processor or higher; 512 MB memory or more; and at least 15 MB of hard disk space.

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