Choose a Dell OptiPlex

Choose a Dell OptiPlex

Dell OptiPlex FX160 for On-Demand Desktop Streaming

Dell OptiPlex FX160

Chassis Options: OptiPlex FX160 FLX (Diskless) and OptiPlex FX160 FLX-HD (Disk)
Dell offers versatile flexible computing offerings to meet your unique business needs. With the ability to utilize the full performance of our OptiPlex desktop systems, On-Demand Desktop Streaming is an ideal solution for environments where local processing and end user experience take precedent.

The Microsoft Diskless PC License allows customers to stream a Microsoft Windows® Operating System (Vista) to a diskless client from the data center.

FLX (Diskless) and FLX-HD (Disk)
Both diskless and disk versions are available enabling flexibility to build your base image or virtual disk (vDisk) with Citrix Provisioning Software for Desktops.

OptiPlex FX160 On-demand Desktop Streaming Configurations

OptiPlex FX160 FLX-HD (Disk)
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