Memory Buying Guide

Memory Buying Guide


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Dell DDR Memory

How can Dell DDR improve system performance?

DDR memory, or double data rate synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), is a memory technology that does exactly as its name implies - it can double the rate of standard SDRAM.

DDR differs from SDRAM in that it:
  • Can operate twice as fast as standard SDRAM.
  • Can lead to significant performance improvements over systems with SDRAM.

Who can upgrade with Dell DDR Memory?

Even though DDR modules have the same physical dimension as SDRAM modules, they have a different number of pins and notches. Therefore, DDR modules will not fit nor work in an SDRAM system. DDR memory can only be used in systems designed specifically for DDR memory technology.

It's easy to find out if your system accepts DDR. All you have to do is look it up in the Dell Memory Selector!

DDR Installation Tips:
  • DDR memory is not compatible with SDRAM. The two types of memory will not work together.
  • DDR memory will not work in an SDRAM system. The motherboard is designed specifically for DDR or SDRAM memory.
  • Use the Dell Memory Selector to find out if your Dell system accepts DDR memory!

Adding a Dell Memory Upgrade improves performance
Upgrading your DDR-based Dell system with Dell DDR Memory can lead to significant performance gains! In fact, tests show that adding memory is a simple way to increase system performance, productivity, and efficiency. With a Dell Memory upgrade, you can:
  • Run more programs simultaneously.
  • Work with graphics-intensive programs.
  • Speed up computer response time.
  • Help reduce performance lags.
  • Help maintain your system's performance when adding new software or upgrading the OS.

Adding Memory to your notebook can improve mobility
Too little memory in a notebook forces you to use the hard drive more, draining your battery and slowing the entire system down. Adding more DDR Memory to your DDR-based notebook can save both time and battery power.
  • Additional software requires more memory to operate smoothly. Examples include:
    security software
    database programs
    business applications

Find the right Dell Memory upgrades for your system in the Dell Memory Selector.

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