Memory Buying Guide

Memory Buying Guide


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Dual-Channel Memory

What is dual-channel memory?

Dual-channel memory is a term that's used to describe a matching pair of memory modules installed in a dual-channel computer system.

The term, however, can be a little misleading because the memory modules themselves are no different than the memory used in any other computer. Rather, it's the motherboard that's different.

How does a dual-channel system work?

In a dual-channel system, the computer motherboard is designed to work with two memory channels instead of one. This allows the system to handle memory processing more efficiently by using the theoretical bandwidth of two memory modules at a time, reducing system latency time and making the whole system faster.

The key to taking full advantage of dual-channel memory operation is installing a pair of matching memory modules (i.e., same size, speed, etc.) at a time. The modules must be identical to each other for dual-channel operation to perform correctly.

Can I upgrade with just one memory module in a dual-channel system?

Although upgrading a dual-channel system with just one memory module or multiple modules of different densities will work, to achieve the full performance benefits of dual-channel operation, we recommend that you upgrade with two matching Dell memory modules?

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