Inkjet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Why has Dell partnered with Canon to provide inkjet printing solutions?

Canon has been recognized as a leading provider of consumer imaging solutions by and the Technical Image Press Association. Our selection of Canon all-in-one photo printers have are equipped with the latest technology, and are known for their exceptional versatility, ease-of-use, and for printing beautiful color photos.

2. Why does Dell no longer make inkjet printers?

We remain committed to the printer and imaging business to provide the best end-to-end customer solutions and will continue offering Dell laser printers, software, solutions and services. We now offer Canon inkjet printers for those customers who have photo printing needs.

3. Will Dell continue manufacturing its own line of laser printers?

Yes. While Canon printers are a great solution for printing photos, Dell offers an array of high quality laser printers for customers with needs beyond photo printing.

4. Where can I purchase replacement ink cartridges for my Dell inkjet printer?

Dell ink can be purchased online and at Staples, as well as Office Depot and Best Buy beginning in August 2013.

5. Where can I purchase replacement ink cartridges for my Canon inkjet printer?

Canon ink can be purchased in several retail stores.

6. What if I need technical support for my Dell inkjet printer?

Answers to most common printer problems can be found in our online Printer Support Center or by contacting Technical Support.