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LED Printer Learning Center

Dell LED Printers vs. Dell Laser Printers – understand LED printing and the benefits from Dell Color LED printers.

LED vs Laser printing – How does it work

Conventional LED and Laser printers both function based on the same principles of electro photography process. So how are they different? The answer lies in the image writing process:

Conventional LED print technology
  • Uses a print head consisting of an array of solid state light emitting diodes (LEDs) for light generation, built across the width of the drum.
  • The print head flashes light across the entire width of the drum, creating an entire line of dots at the same time.
Laser print technology
  • Laser printing, also known as Laser Raster Output Scanner (ROS), uses a single light beam to scan and create an image.
  • The light beam is directed across the drum, using a complex combination of rotating mirrors and lenses, creating each line of dots, one dot at a time.
Laser technologyLED technology
Benefits with conventional LED printers
Recent advancements in LED printing technology have seen vast improvements in print quality of conventional LED printers, making them a good alternative choice over Laser printers. The short optical path for the LED printhead allows LED printers to be compact in size compared to Laser printers. With simple mechanical parts, conventional LED printers are also reliable with low noise levels during printing, compared to complex rotating mirrors and lenses used in Laser printers.

Brilliant color and solid technology with Dell Clear View LED and Color by Dell

Dell Clear View LED – Technology that’s clearly a step ahead.

Dell Clear View LED
  • Excellent print quality. Great accuracy, control and uniform light emission with an intelligent self-scanning LED print head.
  • Maximize your workspace. A small print head allows for ultra-compact printer design.
  • Reliable and lasting performance. From simple mechanical parts.
  • Low maintenance. Drum and fuser unit designed to last the lifetime of the printer*. Simple design removes need for maintenance kit and replacing waste toner box. Only four toner consumables need to be replaced.
  • Energy efficient. An enhanced image controller uses low power during printing.
Color by Dell – A whole new level of picture quality.

Color By Dell
  • Amazing color. A sophisticated print engine design and transfer belt that transfers four colors simultaneously for excellent color registration and color saturation.
  • High print quality finish. With advanced toner technology, you get consistent print quality and more saturated color reproduction with an excellent finish on coated paper for eye-catching business graphics or text.
  • Superb image quality and print speeds. Image enhancement technology that gives excellent color reproduction with sharp and crisp text quality on white, black or colored backgrounds, at fast print speeds.

Benefits from Dell Color LED Printers

Benefits from Dell Color LED Printers Dell printers with Clear View LED Conventional LED printers Laser printers
Ultra-compact printer design World's smallest A4/Letter color laser-class printer*
World's smallest A4/Letter color laser-class network printers*
World's smallest 4-in-1 multifunction network color laser-class printer*
Small footprint and size compared to laser printersLarge printer size due to mirror and lens design
Excellent print quality Accuracy and control from intelligent self-scanning print head that allows uniform light emission during image writingPossibility of uneven density due to imbalanced exposure from multiple light sourcesGood and stable print quality
Reliable and lasting performance Simple mechanical parts and LEDs are placed in the marking unit with less exposure to damagePossible risk of damaging LEDs based on top cover designMany complex moving parts (mirrors and lenses)
Low maintenance Drum and fuser unit designed to last the lifetime of the printer*Replacement options for drum, belt and waste tonerReplacement options for drum, belt and waste toner
Lower Power Consumption Low power during printing without compromising print speeds. Consumes less power during printing than laser printers* and LED printers* in the same class Lower power consumptionLower power consumption

Dell Color LED Printers

Dell 1250c Color PrinterDell 1350cnw Color-capable network LED Printer
Ultra-compact color LED printer with superb print quality.Ultra-compact color LED network printer with superb print quality and WiFi connectivity.