AlienSense facial recognition software offers state-of-the-art security to M17x users. Utilizing the system’s webcam, AlienSense records and analyzes individual distinguishing features for incredible accuracy. Passwords can be forgotten, stolen or guessed. Biometric identification cannot be duplicated or forged.

Each time you log on to your M17x, AlienSense collects biometric data to constantly improve its speed and accuracy. The ability to learn allows AlienSense to adapt to day-to-day variations in your appearance, including hairstyle, whether you’re wearing glasses and even facial hair.

AlienSense has four separate security modes for varying degrees of desired protection:

Disabled — All functionality is completely turned off.

Face Login — Logs you on when you first access the computer and then performs no additional security checks until the computer is locked, logged off or rebooted.

Auto User Switching — Automatically switches between user Vista® accounts when a new user approaches and is recognized. "Auto lock on unauthorized user" locks the laptop after 60 seconds of viewing an unrecognized face.

Continuous Security — Your laptop is set to lock after a preset amount of time without a visible face. This is the highest security level that allows you to lock your computer automatically anytime you walk away from the system.