Dell PowerVault MD3000i SAN Array

Dell PowerVault MD3000i SAN Array
The PowerVault MD3000i iSCI SANThe PowerVault MD3000i iSCI SAN

PowerVault MD3000i
Consolidation without complexity
The Dell PowerVault MD3000i can consolidate up to sixteen (16) fully redundant servers, expand to support up to 45TB of data and provides wizard based installation, intuitive management, and advanced data protection software.
It’s Simple: Simple enough for non-IT experts to deploy and manage
It’s Capable: Capable of scaling and protecting your data
It’s Affordable: Affordable, so that cost doesn’t prohibit you from storing your critical business data.

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Dell PowerVault MD3000i Active RAID Controllers
Built for Availability
The Dell PowerVault MD3000i provides a level of availability and protection that many competitors have chosen to leave out of their entry level storage solutions.
Redundant components: Supports redundant active/active controllers, management ports and power/cooling to provide real security at the hardware level.
Automated drive failure detection: Capable of automatically rebuilding a failed drive using an available hot-spare drive.
Premium management functionality: Optional snapshot and virtual-disk copy capabilities that support hourly, real-time backups of your entire data environment.

Dell PowerVault MD3000i Advanced Data Management
Advanced Data Management
For advanced availability, the PowerVaultTM  MD3000i offers optional backup and data protection features; Snapshot and Virtual Disk Copy (VDC).
Snapshots are point in time copies of the data, so if a file is accidentally altered of deleted it can be recovered easily by reverting to a previous state. Snapshots can be taken instantaneously, minimizing application downtime.
Virtual Disk Copy (VDC) is a full, replicated copy of a source data taken at a discrete point in time, enabling quick and seamless virtual disk relocation, and disk based backup and recovery.

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Flash Demo

PowerVault MD3000i Flash Demo

PowerVault MD3000i Flash Demo

Learn more about the MD3000i

Learn more about the MD3000i