• Responsible sourcing

    We source responsibly, ethically and sustainably

    • We aim to source the minerals used in our products from ethical and sustainable suppliers. It is our goal to refrain from purchasing from any known source suspected of funding conflict or any form of human rights abuse, and require the same of our suppliers. We offer publicly available information on our mineral sourcing practices in our Responsible Minerals Sourcing Report.

    • A united front for protecting human rights

      We’re working together with our peers, suppliers and other stakeholders to address the risks associated with mining operations in conflict-affected and high-risk areas and helping ensure the human rights of all who work in those communities are upheld. Dell Technologies helped create the Responsible Minerals Initiative.


    • Conflict-free, not Congo-free

      As part of our program, we work with suppliers and provide training to break down common misconceptions surrounding areas that are impacted by conflict mining, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. We’re committed to supporting peaceful economic growth in regions that practice responsible mining.


    • Supplier diversity

      At Dell Technologies we work with diverse and inclusive suppliers that are valued, respected and celebrated.