• Government Digital Transformation Solutions

    • Helping governments re-imagine how they serve citizens and compete

      Dell EMC offerings for digital transformation are designed with specific use cases in mind. Whether it is body worn cameras, smart traffic lights, video surveillance, mobile license renewals, drones, and/or any other smart digital government deployment, we have you covered.

    • Digital state and local government solutions to set your community apart from the rest

      • New mobile services allow citizens to interact with government and the community in new, easier ways, thereby making life more fun
      • “Always-on” IT services attract new businesses and contribute to the local economy
      • Built-in intelligence means greater data security and data-driven decision making

    • Enabling the digital community of the future

      Take advantage of internet of things (IoT) technology and intelligent data analytics platforms to deliver new smart government services.

    • Digital communities

      Connected cities or ‘smart cities’ mix technology and human capital to solve problems resulting from the growth of the urban population.  Dell EMC’s offerings include data analytics platforms, IoT gateway edge devices, professional services and an industry-leading list of alliance partners to make your city or digital community come alive.

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    • IoT, data lakes & analytics solutions

      Dell EMC IoT solutions such as NSX and Dell EMC IoT Gateway help you support smart city solutions that integrate edge devices, sensors, license plate readers, video surveillance and more. On top of a software-defined Infrastructure foundation, Dell EMC provides the building blocks to deploy a Data Lake and an application layer for government services.

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    • Data-driven decision making

      Digital Government needs a smart digital foundation. Dell EMC’s technologies are open, standardized, and modular, all of which support data-driven decision making.

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    • Public Safety

      Dell Technologies helps public safety organizations advance their digital transformation journeys from the edge to core to cloud, delivering the latest in digital innovations and resources quickly and efficiently so that first responders, law enforcement, and other public safety professionals can better accomplish their mission: to protect, serve, and save lives.

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    • Use technology to re-imagine state and local government services in the 21st century

      Whether placing intelligent sensors on flood walls, keeping public safe with body worn cameras or empowering citizens to pay taxes online, Dell EMC digital transformation solutions are ready for your digital government  IT transformation.

    • Essential Resources

      Digital government solution resources

    • Connected Cars

      The combination of a connected car and a smartphone generates in-depth and highly valuable insights for all stakeholders across the automotive value chain and lifecycle.

    • GDT Smart City Solutions

      Explore, embrace and understand the drivers and reasons to implement a Smart City Data strategy and architecture for tangible city and community improvements.

    • Connected Cities

      Connected cities or ‘smart cities’ mix technology and human capital to solve problems resulting from the growth of the urban population.

    • Efficient Government Digital Transformation

      Government can dynamically and quickly deliver products and services with modern IT infrastructure.

    • Transforming Public Safety

      For public safety organizations, digital transformation opens up an abundance of opportunities leading to safer and smarter communities.

    • Related Offerings

    • Workforce Solutions

      Dell rugged devices help government workers handle any environmental conditions without compromising on performance.

    • Surveillance Solutions

      The world’s largest sports venues, cities, schools, and police departments rely on Dell EMC surveillance solutions.


      All the software, hardware and services needed for government it to provide on premises big data as a service.

    • Cyber Recovery Solution

      Dell EMC cyber recovery: easy-to-deploy management and automation software.