How data champions are made

This illustration neatly sums up what it takes to win with data. (Teaser: tech is only part of the solution.)

During the Tokyo Olympics, the world stood in awe of competitors that had overcome unprecedented personal, professional, and pandemic-related challenges, to compete on the world’s largest stage. From Hidilyn Diaz and Tom Daly to Allyson Felix and Talha Talib; each one has an inspirational story to tell.

In the glow of the games we can learn so much from their track to the winner’s podium. Chief among them being–relentless training and an indefatigable work ethic alone won’t win the prize. It’s having the right coaching, strategy, tools & equipment, culture & mindset that truly sets champions apart.

Similarly, it takes a village. Champions are generally surrounded by a team (of varying sizes) that will sponsor, encourage and urge them on.

How to be victorious with data

Businesses can learn so much from athletes and the environment in which they strive. Such as, you can’t win by throwing ‘more technology’ at challenges or overlook employee skillsets and organizational culture. To be a successful data-driven business (which arguably all businesses should aspire to in the data decade as it enables them to be informed and competitive), they must heed their data culture as much as their technical capabilities.

This video neatly illustrates why a Data Champion (that combines both) ultimately wins the race.