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    Email Secure Server | SonicWALL Email Security Virtual Appliance

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    SonicWall Security Virtual Appliance
    Sonicwall Email Virtual Appliance - Control for a better solution
    Control for a better solution.
    Dell SonicWALL® Email Security Software offers businesses same benefits as a SonicWALL Email Security Appliance — with more control. Businesses can access, change or install other applications to the Windows Server® system, letting your system administrators retain full control of the program and the installed software.

    That's why it's an ideal solution for businesses that want to implement a software security solution on existing hardware, have existing monitoring and backup systems, or simply need the ultimate deployment flexibility.

    Best-in-class protection.
    Our spam filter stops 98 percent of spam attacks. This end-to-end email attack monitoring system identifies the sender, analyzes the content and applies a collaborative review to every email. And, by leveraging innovative SonicWALL Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) Network technology, SonicWALL GRID Anti-Virus provides a multi-layer defense against viruses and spyware.
    Easy integration and deployment.
    With our five-step email security installation process, your organization can be up and running with the best email security in under an hour. Designed for organizations of 25 or more, SonicWALL® Email Security gives you in-bound and out-bound email services and protection, using your system that's already in place.

    SonicWALL Email Security Software for SBS is designed for organizations with up to 75 employees. SES for EBS is designed for organizations with up to 300 employees, but can scale to support tens of thousands of employees.
    Sonicwall Email Virtual Appliance - Automatic Updates for More Safety
    Automatic updates for more safety.
    With innovative protection techniques and management tools, our email security platform delivers superior protection — while defending against new attacks tomorrow. SonicWALL® also streamlines email policy management by customizing rules to detect and block specific types of attachments, reroute email from competitors and check out-bound email for specific words and phrases.
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