«Transformation Talks” episode 33: Servers – Solid Base of AI Strategies

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“Having Data is nice, but what do we do with the data?”

The PowerEdge Server Portfolio is purpose build to optimize the latest technology advances for predictable profitable outcomes. The improvements in the PowerEdge portfolio include:

Focus on acceleration—Support for the most complete portfolio of GPUs, delivering maximum performance for AI, machine learning, and deep learning training and inferencing, high performance computing (HPC) modeling and simulation, advanced analytics, and rich-collaboration application suites and workloads

Thoughtful thermal design—New thermal solutions and designs to address dense heat-producing components, and in some cases, front-to-back, air-cooled designs

Dell multivector cooling—Streamlined, advanced thermal design for airflow pathways within the server

TodayStefan Troxler, Head of Datacenter Sales at Dell Technologies in Switzerland and I discuss how organizations can improve productivity in the datacenter with the newest technology advancements.

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About the Author: Frank Thonüs

Frank Thonüs is General Manager of Dell Technologies Switzerland. Over the course of his career, he has acquired experience in executive and strategic management, through leadership roles both in local and in international organizations. Frank has started his professional journey back in 1997, at Alltron and Silicon Graphics, in various Sales and Management positions. He has then covered different international Management roles at Symantec / VERITAS, where he has spent almost 15 years - lastly as the Regional Director of the Symantec’s PACSS region (Poland, Austria, Czech, Slovakia and Switzerland). Following the merger of Dell and EMC, Frank has joined Dell Technologies as the Managing Director of EMC Computer Systems AG in Switzerland. Altogether, Frank Thonüs has more than 16 years of management experience and over 21 years of IT Professional experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in general management from the Zurich Business School and sits in various advisory boards outside of IT.