Bring IT and business together to unlock the value of data trapped in silos

    • Capture, organize and manage massive amounts of unstructured data across your enterprise.

      • Locate data in seconds no matter where it is, with powerful search capabilities.
      • Provide a unified view of all file and object storage, on-prem and in the cloud.  
      • Empower end users and content owners with self-service archive.  
      • Simplify team collaboration by integrating workflows with business goals.
    • The intersection of IT requirements and business objectives challenges the ability to control storage costs and drive efficiencies. New, innovative analytics and file management solutions with a higher degree of intelligence are needed to efficiently manage demanding file-based production workloads. 

    • Get your file-based production workloads under control

      Efficiently run file-based workloads by standardizing your data across cloud and file storage. Break down data silos, empower the business user and enable better collaboration.  


    • Essential Resources

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    • Isilon F810 and ClarityNow

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