Crawl, walk, run—how to become a data-driven company in three stages

Even baby steps make a difference. This infographic provides insights into how businesses can step up their data maturity.

By Sara Downey and Janine Wegner, Thought Leadership, Dell Technologies

Did you know the type of crawling that happens on a child’s hands and knees (with a cross-body pattern) helps a child’s brain make more connections and develop important skills, such as spatial awareness? While a child’s first steps are momentous, the intervening milestones matter. In this data decade, businesses are also on a developmental journey, from making decisions blind to acting on real-time data.

Where the child development analogy falls short is that, unlike most toddlers, progress is not assured. Data-driven digital transformation depends on certain interventions. It requires conscious effort and strategizing. According to the Data Paradox study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell Technologies, most businesses are presently Data Novices, which suggests that they’re in the crawl phase and need a helping hand. With sufficient agency, crawling businesses can upend their trajectory and emerge as data champions. The following infographic illustrates practically how they might go about this.

Increase your stride

Data management and data science practices are moving forward rapidly. Crawling or ambling businesses will struggle to keep up. Often the best way to advance is to learn from others. Here are some perspectives from chief data officers on how to achieve data management maturity. It could inform your stride.