Reimagining Smart Cities with Seamless Connectivity, Enhanced Citizen Experiences

The Dell Validated Design for Unified Operations Center with AVEVA aggregates data from diverse city systems to produce actionable intelligence.

As cities work through modernization and data growth at unprecedented volumes, the struggle to convert the data into actionable intelligence increases in intensity and complexity, further exacerbating aging disparate city departments and their ability grow at the scale society requires.

Rapid urban growth and other urban dynamics pose wide ranging challenges for city leaders and administrators to consider. From traffic congestion and parking shortages to integration of CCTV subsystems ensuring public safety is of utmost import. Further, as cities sharing data interdepartmentally becomes increasingly commonplace, key to managing how citizens’ privacy rights are maintained helps to structure policies around how the city aggregates, expands, and distributes data. As cities further strive toward essential improvements to community and social services, there are concerns over what data is collected, used and stored.

This dynamic urban landscape demands comprehensive solutions that can help city administrators navigate challenges, ensure hassle-free citizen experiences, and unlock new opportunities for growth and development, while ensuring citizens’ data privacy rights.

City Administrators Seek Effective Solutions

Validated designs reduce time, complexity and effort required to deploy innovative solutions. While deploying modern technology, cities are faced with many issues like the shortage of trained IT talent on board and the urgency to solve issues around emergency response, city planning and uninterrupted service delivery, upkeep and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

Bridging this gap is the Dell Validated Design for Unified Operations Center with AVEVA, a transformative pre-validated solution enhancing data management, ensuring seamless citizen services—decreasing the time and effort required for deployment. By providing a comprehensive, context-aware 360-degree control and operational visibility across city services, this solution enables a data-driven city designed for master planning of community needs.

Navigating Urban Complexities with an Integrated Approach

With Dell NativeEdge at the core, delivering simplified, secured, and automated capabilities, the Dell Validated Design for Unified Operations Center combines AVEVA’s expertise with Astrikos’ AI platform accumulating data from diverse sources, including AVEVA UOC (Unified Operation Center) and other public agencies, to produce actionable intelligence delivering city outcomes, while simultaneously facilitating faster implementation of AI solutions. The Dell Validated Design for UOC enables city administrators to:

    • Simplify decision-making by helping them visualize consolidated, real-time insights from disparate city subsystems and operations.
    • Optimize with AI and deliver predictive and actionable outcomes.
    • Protect their data by mitigating the risk with end-to-end security for critical infrastructure at the edge.

Seamlessly Integrating City Systems with NativeEdge

As the cornerstone of this validated design for Unified Operations Center, Dell NativeEdge facilitates the rapid deployment and management of AVEVA components, ensuring the integrity of the smart city ecosystem.

Employing validated designs in concert with NativeEdge, administrators can swiftly implement application deployments through automated processes, integrating city systems. Further bridging technology silos and aggregating data from various departments and subsystems, the AVEVA UOC solution better fosters city-wide collaboration.

Architected with Zero Trust design principles and incorporating built-in security measures, NativeEdge helps to protect data, ensuring community and critical infrastructure data is safeguarded. Additionally, the platform enables secure edge operations at scale, leveraging automation and zero-touch provisioning to ensure city system deployments securely scale with ease.

A Synergy of Advanced Urban Management Solutions

A key aspect of the AVEVA solution is the capability to transform urban mobility systems by seamlessly integrating transportation subsystems into a comprehensive framework.

Let us consider a scenario where commuters contemplating the best mode of travel—bus or subway—might not consider the intricacies of individual functional departments. AVEVA’s system enables end-point sensors to converge and drive a workflow, ensuring optimal efficiency for the city. Consider a subway station with numerous access gates and security cameras. At the city level, the goal is to ensure smooth movement for the population, emphasizing the comprehensive impact of AVEVA’s approach to urban mobility. The solution provides data insights, optimizing traffic patterns and flows, all while ensuring secure infrastructure management.

Another critical application of the platform is the Integrated Multi-site Building Management System (BMS) Operations. Monitoring predictable aspects of urban building systems, such as HVAC, boilers/chillers and elevators, the solution enables real-time adjustments to reduce maintenance costs and people movement effectively. Its advanced analytics aids efficient decision-making for sustainable measures, optimizing elevator management and reducing overall power consumption. Predictive maintenance further ensures cost-effective building operations.

Contributing to sustainability, the AVEVA platform, coupled with the help of Dell Technologies, modernizes plant-level control systems with a seamless IT-OT convergence. For example, in a city with 17 wastewater treatment plants, city administrators can monitor water flow, weather conditions and intake fluctuations to prevent and manage potential overflows. The AVEVA solution offers individual operators with a detailed view of their specific plant’s operations while providing a higher-level version for city-wide monitoring. The system helps administrators to proactively address supply issues, improve decision-making and anticipate challenges like blockages and downstream impacts on public water supply.

Shaping Smarter Urban Horizons of Tomorrow

Navigating the urban landscape, Dell Validated Design for Unified Operations Center with AVEVA emerges as a catalyst for a smarter, more efficient tomorrow. With a unified interface, AI-driven analytics and pre-validated templates, this solution accelerates time to value for cities and their constituents. Whether deployed in a centralized or remote site operations center, it optimizes decision-making. The Dell Validated Design for Unified Operations Center with AVEVA enables city leaders to formulate and manage a clear understanding of the city’s pulse, addressing today’s needs, while ensuring a plan for tomorrow. The seamless integration of systems, departments, and critical infrastructure, with enhanced security, forms a connected urban framework, through innovation and collaboration driving human progress.

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John Lockhart

About the Author: John Lockhart

As Product Manager, Edge Solutions Global Digital Cities, John Lockhart's primary roles are to ideate and drive the Edge Solution Strategy, Ecosystem partner alignment and solution roadmap for Dell’s Global Digital Cities, and align to critical technologies addressing Government, Public and Federal initiatives delivering Outcomes which foster innovation, efficient operations, and citizen liveability. Including City-wide enhancements designed to simplify, optimize and secure city operations at scale in the continuously evolving complex needs of communities in a sustainable approach. John previously worked as Lead Sustainability Consulting technologist leading Government and Enterprise customers through the Digital Transformation journey aligning disparate government systems, business units and operations into a seamlessly Integrated Operations Platform (IOP), the fabric design focusing on AI driven orchestration and automation, leveraging comparative analytics within disparate data sets resulting rapid decision making. GIS-based complex event processing delivered through KPI-driven dashboards into a single horizontal control center. From the sustainability side, John thrives when ideating and designing sustainable solutions, harmonizing energy, water, and waste production and consumption utilization models delivering specific outcomes aligned with achieving carbon net-zero targets. John supports public sector and large enterprise organizations through visioning, planning, design, and platform implementation delivering business outcomes leveraging his expertise in digital cities technology, digital transformation, integrating highly complex functional city systems and citizen services. Previously John held numerous roles in Digital Edge, Cloud Client Computing, and Desktop Virtualization in APJ. John holds an M.B.A in Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University, a B.S. in Information Technology and brings more than 10 years’ Smart Cities insight with more than 28 years IT consultative experience including roles in product management, pre-sales and technical consulting roles with both global and regional responsibilities, spanning Business Development, Solutions Consulting and partner ecosystem development. John joined Dell in 2011, previously worked for Citrix Systems and Microsoft Corporation.