At the core of everything we do

    • Advancing Sustainability Moonshot Goal

      By 2030, for every product a customer buys, we will reuse or recycle an equivalent product. 100% of our packaging will be made from recycled or renewable material. More than half of our product content will be made from recycled or renewable material.

    • We will reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 by 2050

    • We will drive sustainability improvements in our global workplaces through 2030

    • We will reduce scopes 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 50% by 2030


    • Each year through 2030, we will show continued commitments to provide healthy work environments where people can thrive

    • We will source 75% of electricity from renewable sources across all Dell Technologies facilities by 2030 — and 100% by 2040

    • Each year through 2030, we will deliver future-ready skills development for workers in our supply chain

    • By 2030, we will reduce absolute scope 3 GHG emissions from purchased goods and services by 45%

    • Each year through 2030, we will continue engagement with the people who make our products

    • By 2030, we will reduce absolute scope 3 GHG emissions associated with the use of sold products by 30%

    • Where we are making an impact

    • Climate action

      Dell Technologies is working across our entire value chain to reduce emissions across all scopes, achieving our net zero target by 2050. We are also putting our technology to work, driving innovation to help our customers, partners and society transition to a net zero future.

    • Circular economy

      Circularity means designing to reduce and reuse waste and extending the useful life of products and materials to reduce environmental impact. At Dell Technologies, we are driving innovation, new services and business models to deliver more, with less.

    • Championing the people

      With the power of our global supply chain, Dell Technologies has the scale and ability to drive responsible manufacturing. As a condition of doing business with us, we insist upon ethical practices, respect and dignity for everyone creating our products.

    • Advancing Sustainability resources

    • Our FY22 ESG Report

      In our annual ESG report, we demonstrate how we’re creating a positive impact on people and the planet for 2030 and beyond.


      Our Global Climate Principles

      Dell Technologies' Global Climate Principles reflect the most pressing issues related to climate change today and outline our point of view and approach to addressing climate action. 


      Our Circular Economy Principles

      Our Circular Economy Principles outline how we are accelerating the shift away from linear thinking and moving to an even more circular model, addressing resource constraints, emissions and waste.


      Product Carbon Footprints

      A product's carbon footprint (PCF) helps us understand its impact on the environment, providing valuable insight to design more sustainably.


      Recycling and Sustainability Services

      Responsible recycling is critical in protecting our planet. We offer convenient services for both consumers and businesses around the world.

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    • Recycle today. Protect tomorrow.

      At Dell Technologies, we’re committed to protecting our customers and our planet. That’s why we provide secure and responsible recycling options for both consumers and businesses around the world. Find the service that's right for you today.

    • Getting to Net Zero: It Takes an Entire Company

      Page Motes, head of Global Sustainability, shares how measurable actions and talented, innovative people will help Dell achieve net zero emissions by 2050.