Supply chain responsibility is a core part of our business

    • KEVIN BROWN, Executive Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer

      Dell Technologies is committed to responsible manufacturing practices that drive meaningful progress as we work to champion the people in our supply chain, protect our planet and build diversity among our supply base.

      The pandemic spurred a global health and economic crisis in 2020 that few could have predicted. It created substantial disruptions in the way people lived, worked, and learned worldwide; it led to unprecedented challenges for governments, institutions and businesses across the globe, including Dell Technologies. Despite this adversity, effectively navigating these challenges and continuing to manage our supply chain responsibly is what our customers, partners and other stakeholders expect from our company; it is what we expect from ourselves. 

      Key to meeting these expectations is a long-term commitment to sustainability that helps maintain Dell Technologies’ trusted supply chain.

      Our social and environmental responsibility (SER) programs — pursued in collaboration with our suppliers and industry organizations — enable us to continuously monitor our supply chain and drive meaningful progress as we work to champion the people in our supply chain, protect our planet and build diversity among our supply base.

      Our annual Supply Chain Sustainability Progress Report presents a comprehensive view of the work we do to advance SER performance in our supply chain.

    • Featured highlights

      Dell Technologies partners with thousands of companies in our global supply chain that help bring life to our purpose: to create technologies that drive human progress. How we achieve that purpose matters, which is why operating our supply chain responsibly is a core part of our business. Here are some recent examples of our efforts and results. 

    • A focus on continuous improvement to help suppliers advance their SER performance

      Through our audit program, we drive supplier social and environmental responsibility (SER) performance aligned to the high standards of the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct. We provide SER training and resources to help build supplier capabilities and maintain progress. In 2020, 70% of factories completing at least their second audit cycle improved their audit scores.

    • Responsible sourcing of minerals in our supply chain

      It is our goal to avoid purchasing materials containing minerals whose mining and sale are not aligned with our responsible sourcing commitments. This is underscored in our Dell Responsible Sourcing Policy We also work in full coordination with industry-wide groups such as the Responsible Minerals Initiative to promote a common approach, tools and processes that support sourcing decisions that drive improved regulatory compliance.

    • A commitment to drive supplier diversity beyond spend

      Spend is an important indicator of our engagement with diverse suppliers. However, we look at other opportunities to build diversity within our supply chain. We have well-established initiatives to identify, educate and support qualified businesses that are owned by individuals of diverse backgrounds to deliver products that meet the needs of our global customer base.

    • Recent recognitions

      Our SER efforts are getting noticed throughout the industry. A few of our recent recognitions include ranking 6th out of 49 in the KnowThe Chain benchmark, being named a CDP Supplier Engagement Rating Leader and acknowledgment as a CITI Master by the China Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs.

    • Key performance indicators

      All results reflect calendar year 2020.

    • FY21 Progress Made Real Report

      In our annual ESG report on our social impact plan, we demonstrate how we're creating a positive impact on people and the planet for 2030 and beyond.

    • 2021 Diversity & Inclusion Report

      Learn how we are building a workforce that is inclusive and represents the diverse and global customers we serve.