Cegal builds global IT services business with sustainable technology lifecycle solution

    • CustomerCegal

      IndustryInformation Technology


    • Vision

      Cegal's vision is to establish a technology enterprise, dedicated to enabling a sustainable future and environmental harmony. The company are driven by the ambition to construct an exemplary company that not only is at the forefront of cutting-edge technological advancements but also actively contributes to sustainability.

    • Solution

      Cegal embraced a Lifecycle Management strategy with Dell Technology Rotation. Technology Rotation enables organizations to reduce costs and gain operational and business benefits by implementing regular IT refresh cycles. Cegal chose to collaborate with Dell Technologies as their preferred storage solutions provider.

    • Impact

      This partnership with Dell Technologies facilitates access to storage solutions, allowing Cegal to optimize its operations, align expenditure with revenues and expand its business horizons. Cegal is not just procuring storage technology; it is forging a pathway to long-term success while contributing to a more sustainable digital landscape.

    • Kjetil Anundsen, Director of Group Finance, Cegal

      “We want to be as asset light as possible, so we’re looking at making more investments with an OpEx model rather than a CapEx model. It definitely brings advantages to a business like ours.”

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