A business strategy enabling organizations to keep cash on hand, take advantage of current-state technology and contribute to the circular economy

    • Special Offers

      • Technology Rotation Offers**

        Delivering savings, security & sustainability and enabling you to stretch your budget and accelerate your business.

    • Technology Rotation Overview**

      Technology Rotation is a smart business strategy with a predictable refresh cycle enabling organizations to maintain liquidity, take advantage of current-state technology, and contribute to the circular economy.

      • Why Leverage Technology Rotation?

      • Dell’s Technology Rotation program improves organizations’ agility and efficiency1

      • 34%

        cost advantage over six years compared to owning Servers

      • 60%

        cost advantage over six years compared to owning Storage

      • 36%

        reduction in staff required to patch/update IT assets

      • 40%

        reduction in time needed to decommission IT assets

      • 29%

        reduction in IT support time needed

      • 37%

        reduction in time needed to deploy new IT assets

    • Sustainability

      Choosing a Technology Rotation solution can help organizations reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiencies1.

    • Refurbish

      We refurbish hardware at the end of the term.
      In 2023, 95% of all systems returned to Dell Financial Services gained a second life by being refurbished and reused2. The remaining were recycled in adherence with all applicable international, regional, national and local laws and conventions.

    • Remarket

      We remarket hardware after data sanitization.
      Hardware gains a second life by being resold.

    • Recycle

      We recycle hardware in a secure and environmentally conscious way.

    • Focus on 3Rs

      Repair, Reuse and Recycle

      The 3Rs can help achieve your sustainability goals and meet business objectives. 

    • Create IT Business Value

      Reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency​

      Technology Rotation helps organizations by retiring inefficient technology and replacing it with the latest available.

    • Independent Viewpoint

      Advantages of an improved Lifecycle Strategy ​

      Dell’s Technology Rotation program improves operational efficiency, agility, satisfaction levels, and sustainability metrics.

    • Customer Stories

      Read about how our customers use Technology Rotation to help their business

    • Conserving cash flow, the lifeblood of business and growth

      IP DataSystems helps customers minimize capital outlays and avoid IT obsolescence by using Technology Rotation from Dell Payment Solutions.

    • Driving multi-cloud adoption while conserving cash for growth

      Faction, a multi-cloud, cloud data services provider, aligns its technology expenses with revenues, using Dell Payment Solutions.

    • Fresno County saves lives and capital by leveraging flexible payment solutions from Dell Technologies

      Fresno County securely and reliably serves the community with leading IT solutions that offer fiscal transparency through financing.

    • Protecting and serving citizens with empowering technology

      Baker County Sheriff’s Office can better protect and serve the community with trusted partner vTECH io acting as virtual CIO, providing reliable IT and customized payment solutions through Technology Rotation and PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS).

    • Helping seize emerging business opportunities

      Verne Global Finland is a Data Center company providing Infrastructure-as-a-Service and hybrid cloud solutions while protecting cash flow with Dell Payment Solutions.

    • Cegal builds global IT services business with sustainable technology lifecycle solution

      Dell Technology Rotation supports sustainability goals whilst enabling Cegal to access the latest storage technologies and grow their business.

    • Services provider keeps data protection at its peak with Dell Technology Rotation

      With Dell Payment Solutions, Harbor ensures that data security and recovery are always optimized for customers using the latest technology.


    • Algoma Steel forges a more sustainable path with Technology Rotation

      Algoma Steel leverages Dell Payment Solutions to implement an IT refresh that saves capital while strengthening the company’s sustainability strategy.

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    • Business Value of Tech Rotation

      Organizations are focused on improving operational efficiencies, business agility, user satisfaction levels, and meeting sustainability goals. Technology Rotation helps organizations achieve these goals.

    • Accelerated Transition

      Deploy the new environments you need now with no interruption to business operations during transition.

    • Implement a sustainable IT refresh cycle

      A Technology Rotation strategy can contribute to meeting corporate sustainability goals with secure asset disposal.

    • Maximize savings across your organization

      IDC found that adopting Technology Rotation improves operational and cost efficiencies for storage, server and client device customers. See just how much our customers are saving.

    • Dell Technologies Payment Solutions for security

      Enabling businesses to implement critical cybersecurity infrastructure for business continuity and improved data privacy without the burden of high upfront costs.

    • Get ahead and stay ahead

      Overcome your strategic challenges and successfully execute your plans with Technology Rotation.

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    • **Payment solutions provided and serviced by Dell Financial Services Canada Limited or its affiliate or designee (“DFS”) for qualified customers. Offers may not be available or may vary in certain countries. Where available offers may be changed without notice and are subject to product availability, applicable law, credit approval, documentation provided by and acceptable to DFS and may be subject to minimum transaction size. Offers not available for personal, family or household use. Dell Technologies and the Dell Technologies logo are trademarks of Dell Inc. Restrictions and additional requirements may apply to transactions with governmental or public entities. Technology Rotation: At the end of the fair market value (“FMV”) contract, the customer may purchase the equipment for the then FMV, renew the contract or return the equipment to DFS. Accelerated Transition: Available for qualifying storage products (excludes VXRail and VBlock). Payment deferral extends contract term.

      Technology Rotation Offer: Applicable for 36-month FMV Contract. The total of customer’s required monthly contract payments (excluding taxes, fees, shipping or other charges) during the initial term will be less than the original acquisition cost of the products. Offer available for qualifying Dell servers, Dell and Dell EMC Storage, and Networking. Minimum transaction $1,500; maximum $1,000,000.

      Technology Rotation Offer: Applicable for 48 or 60-month FMV Contract. Under this offer, the lessee’s periodic rent payments exclude taxes, fees, shipping and other charges. Offer available for qualifying Dell Servers, Dell and Dell EMC Storage, and Networking. Minimum transaction $1,500; maximum $1,000,000.

      Offers, including those at Dell.ca may vary. Combination with other discounts may limit availability. Offer valid August 2, 2024 to credit-qualified business end users in Canada.

    • 1 Source: IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Dell Technologies "The Business Value of Dell's Technology Rotation Program” (the cost of two 3-year servers or storage systems over six years saves over buying one and keeping it for six years), October 2021.

      2 Source: Based on Dell Financial Services global data, February 2023-January 2024. Systems means desktops, notebooks, workstations, servers and storage equipment.