• Business Resiliency Services

    • Achieve business resiliency for your non-stop digital business

      Dell Technologies Services enables organizations to be highly resilient as their business relies more heavily on cloud-based IT services, alongside increasing pressure from stakeholders and regulators. Our expert consultants work with you every step of the way to transform how you approach recovering from a cyber attack, reducing planned and unplanned downtime and protecting data for application-centric operating models. Our methodologies apply industry best practices to optimize your business resiliency strategies for your unique business needs.

    • Achieve a highly resilient business


      Recover from a destructive cyber attack.

      Develop your strategy for a last line of defense from attacks such as ransomware. It’s crucial to take a holistic approach which integrates three key components.

      • Purpose-built, air-gap recovery vault
      • A business process focused recovery strategy
      • A team prepared to continually test and improve processes

      Reduce planned and unplanned downtime.

      Enable a more fine-grained approach to recover which reduces planned and unplanned downtime.

      • Group applications for recovery based on business priority
      • Operate across on-premise and cloud-based workloads
      • Gain data center efficiencies

      Modernize your data protection operations.

      Optimize your data protection infrastructure and operations across multicloud environments and application-centric initiatives.

      • Provide strategic design insights
      • Identify ability to recover critical applications
      • Design and implement a robust solution

    • Optimize your business resiliency strategy.

      In today’s world of always-on business, a robust resiliency strategy is a must in order to minimize risk and costly outages. Transforming architectures, infrastructure and operating model are key to ensure you are protected across application centric and multicloud environments.

      To achieve a highly resilient business, Dell Technologies Consulting Services focuses on three critical components to help you achieve a highly resilient business: enabling recovery from a destructive cyber attack, optimizing data protection infrastructure and operations, and ensuring application availability amidst an outage.


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