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Wyse 7040 thin client

Serious power. Serious security.

Arm your organization with the powerful and secure Wyse 7040 Thin Client, featuring the latest high-performance Intel® processors.

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Wyse 7040 Thin Client

Tech Specs & Customization Wyse 7040 thin client

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Included in price
+ $180.00

Operating System

Included in price
+ $80.00
+ $80.00


Included in price
+ $260.00

Hard Drive

M.2 128GB SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive
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- $9.00
Included in price
+ $61.00


Included in price
+ $21.00
- $9.00

Chassis Options

+ $70.00
Included in price

Stands and Mounts

May delay your delivery date.

+ $160.00
+ $120.00
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Multi-Select Monitors

+ $370.00
+ $340.00
+ $340.00
+ $310.00
+ $390.00
+ $440.00
+ $410.00
+ $280.00

Systems Management

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- $40.00
- $25.00
- $40.00

DVI to VGA Adapter

Included in price
$40.00 /ea.
$50.00 /ea.

Theft Protection Solution Software

Included in price
+ $81.18
+ $25.66

SFP Fiber Connectivity - 1st selection

Included in price
+ $123.99
+ $200.00
+ $410.00
+ $370.00
+ $103.99

External Speakers

Included in price
+ $50.00

Power Supply

65W AC Adapter
Included in price

Services & Supports


Using ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist can reduce time on the phone with tech support by up to 84% as compared to HP and Lenovo!*
* Based on Nov 2014 Principled Technologies Test Report commissioned by Dell. Actual results will vary. Click here for full report. Some ProSupport Plus features are not available on all products.
+ $74.19
+ $114.69
+ $155.19
+ $114.69
+ $195.69
+ $263.19
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+ $66.15
+ $79.65
+ $93.15

Keep Your Hard Drive

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+ $30.00
+ $30.00
+ $40.00

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No DDPE Encryption Software
Wyse 7040 thin client
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Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Improve the way you work in the cloud

Improve the way you work in the cloud.

Impressive power: Combined Intel 6th Gen Intel® Core i5 or i7 processors and up to 16GB RAM offer high functioning productivity and performance, so you can do compute-intensive tasks while your files stay safely in the cloud.

Certified security:
The Wyse 7040 thin client is federal market ready, featuring OPAL-compliant hard-drive options, TPM chip, NIST-compliant BIOS and is Energy-Star, EPEAT and VPAT / Section 508 certified.

Confident connectivity: With dual copper and SFP connectivity, you can rely on the Wyse 7040 for consistently secure connection to your network. The Wyse 7040’s six built-in USB 3.0 ports easily allow you to link to a multitude of devices.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - More efficient management

More efficient management.

Easy manageability: Intel vPro technology, Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Wyse Device Manager (WDM) and Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) allow for easy system diagnosis and high scalability, even for large organizations.

Centralized BIOS Configuration: Dell Command Configure (DCC) allows easy rollout of BIOS configuration parameters to multiple clients from a central location, including critical security-related activities such as BIOS password modification and USB port restriction.

Vivid display options: The Wyse 7040 supports up to three displays via display-port daisy-chaining, with 4K resolution available on a single monitor.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Ready to work with you

Ready to work with you.

Whatever your configuration, the Wyse 7040 thin client is designed to work well with your organization. It’s ready to support a broad range of network attachments and peripherals, including a fiber interface. Additionally, the carefully selected feature set and configuration options allow you to pay only for the features you require.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Ports & Slots

Ports & Slots

1. Universal Audio Jack | 2. Audio out | 3. USB 3.0 | 4. Ethernet port | 5. Optional SFP Fiber/ Copper Port | 6. Industry standard security slot | 7. USB 3.0 | 8. Display Port | 9. HDMI
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight

1. Height: 7.2” (182mm) | 2. Width: 7.0” (178.2mm) | 3. Depth: 1.41”(36mm) | Weight: 3.12lbs (1.41kg)

Mounting Options

Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dell Console with DVD-RW
Dell Console with DVD-RW
Designed to optimize open environments and provide optical drive access, cable security and management.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dell Vertical Stand
Dell Vertical Stand
Vertically position your system on your desktop with confidence and stability.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dell Dual VESA Mount
Dell Dual VESA Mount
Completely open your workspace with a cleanly designed behind-the-monitor mounting solution.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dell VESA Mount
Dell VESA Mount
Mount your system on a wall or under a surface with an adapter bracket to manage power cables with ease.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dell All-in-One Mount
Dell All-in-One Mount
Built to replace traditional all-in-one mounts for flexible screen sizes.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dell All-in-One Mount for E-Series Displays
Dell All-in-One Mount for E-Series Displays
Created so your thin client can be VESA-mounted to select Dell E-Series displays easily and securely.

Essential accessories for your Wyse 7040 thin client

Maximize the performance of your Wyse 7040 thin client with Dell-recommended essential accessories.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – KM636
Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – KM636
Designed with sleek lines, a compact size and chiclet keys, the keyboard/mouse combo offers a contemporary and comfortable design with the convenience of wireless performance.
Wyse 7040 Thin Client - Dell Professional Stereo Headset – UC300
Dell Professional Stereo Headset – UC300
A comfortable and easy-to-use communication solution with crystal-clear audio quality, the Dell Pro Stereo Headset is designed to improve communication quality on conference calls, presentations, sales calls and more.
Get end-to-end support 24x7.

Get end-to-end support 24x7.

Dell Wyse thin clients feature a complete services portfolio including Deployment Services, ProSupport, Accidental Damage Service and Keep Your Hard Drive Service* giving you end-to-end support throughout the product lifecycle. Dell services portfolio for Wyse thin clients helps you streamline deployment and support so you can focus on innovation.


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