Adopting an Agile Multicloud Approach for Better Business Outcomes

NS Solutions helps organizations make the most of their cloud strategy using a cost-predictable, quick-to-deploy multicloud solution.

The pace of digital transformation is skyrocketing. As it does, technology leaders are tasked with reassessing and modernizing infrastructure to meet both short-term and long-term organizational needs – quickly. And estimates indicate it’s well worth it. McKinsey finds successful digital transformations can as much as double EBITDA, while besting digital laggards tenfold in other metrics such as employee productivity, customer experience or ROI.

A key element of the digital transformation is optimizing multicloud environments. Across industries, and most notably in manufacturing, finance, telecommunications and public service, the transition from a public, cloud-first mentality has shifted to an approach that is more tenable in the long term. For the vast majority of organizations, a multicloud approach, which leverages private clouds supported by on-premises infrastructure, is the right path forward.

Concurrently, organizations need a fast-to-deploy multicloud model that also addresses proximity and security, low latency and IT administration needs with more cost predictability and control than the public cloud can provide.

Gaining Agility via Multicloud

NS Solutions, a Japan-based group company of Nippon Steel Corporation, is working closely with customers to craft a better way forward via multicloud. “Together, we are thinking about the future and opening up new possibilities for society with technology and passion,” says Takashi Oshiro, Executive Director and Senior Vice President, NS Solutions Corporation.

A newly launched managed services solution, absonne@customer, provides easy-to-use, scalable technology to customers without the burden of IT administration and management tasks. It also allows organizations to customize their hybrid private and public cloud strategies to meet strategic business needs.

Achieving Cost Control

This managed infrastructure model provides stability and cost predictability thanks to the solution’s integration with Dell Technologies APEX Flex on Demand. Often, many organizations purchase excess capacity upfront, overprovisioning to cover business growth needs and accommodate the lengthy CapEx financing process. As a result, organizations pay for technology they don’t use and do so with upfront capital, which consumes additional budget and impacts cash flow, thus amplifying the risk of being unable to fund other critical projects.

Dell APEX Flex on Demand allows organizations to pay for technology as they use it – in an OpEx-funded approach – providing immediate access to buyer capacity and payments matched to actual usage. The ability to access private cloud capabilities at a predictable cost is becoming even more critical to organizations as the cost of public cloud continues to rise – projected to increase by as much as 30% in Europe in 2023, according to Steve Brazier, CEO at Canalys.

The consumption-based IT approach is working for NS Solutions customers.

“We want to meet the needs of our customers while keeping the cost burden low. Dell Technologies APEX Flex on Demand is an ideal fit.”

 – Kazuhiro Onodera, General Manager, Cloud Solutions Department, Cloud Platform Division, IT Infrastructure Solutions Bureau – NS Solutions Corporation

Speeding Digital Transformation

Speed is the currency of business, a fundamental requirement to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced technology world. However, data integration into a public cloud environment can take months to years, making the objectives of quickly accessing datasets, testing new products and collaborating remotely more like long-term goals than immediate needs fulfilled. And with ever-increasing demands to accelerate digital transformation, IT leaders need to adopt the right infrastructure that can be deployed rapidly and start impacting the business immediately.

To meet their customers’ needs for accelerated digital transformation, NS Solutions looked for a solution to fast-track customer-specific infrastructure development. The adoption of Dell VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure enabled NS Solutions to reduce build times from about four months to around two months due to ready access to technology.* The solution also provides on-premises data options with low latency, allowing customers to gain agility and improve responsiveness.

“I was impressed by the fast infrastructure setup speed,” shares Makoto Naito, Group 1 Leader of the Cloud Solution Department, Cloud Platform Division in the IT Infrastructure Solutions Bureau of NS Solutions, “Customers want to enjoy the benefits of cloud service while focusing on the provision of on-premises, so the speed of delivery is particularly important in terms of procurement.” Watch the NS Solutions customer video here.

Supporting IT Management and Security Exactly Where Needed

One big benefit for users of NS Solutions’ absonne@customer multicloud solution is removing the burden of IT management and operational tasks. Those tasks are managed by NS Solutions, freeing up customer resources for other business priorities.

To learn more about how Dell APEX Flex on Demand can help meet short-term needs and achieve long-term growth for your business, click here.

Read the NS Solutions customer case study here. 

* Build times are measured from the time the hardware is ready to when the virtual machines are up and running.

Lena Yam

About the Author: Lena Yam

Lena Yam is Vice President of Dell Financial Services, APJC. Dell Financial Services offers our customers and partners choice when adopting the full portfolio of Dell Technologies products and services, from different financial payment solutions to APEX solutions. Lena joined the company in 2000 to start up its financial services arm in South Asia, and subsequently expanded her role across APJ. During her tenure, she established the in-country operating model and developed a robust network of regional funders. She also launched several key initiatives, such as on-demand financing models and Transformational Software Licensing programs. Lena co-hosts the Dell Singapore Site, as well as the APJC CFO ONE Diversity Pillar. She is also the executive sponsor for GenNext in Singapore.