• E-Konek Pilipinas transforms IT delivery leveraging Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

      Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables E-Konek Pilipinas to transform the delivery and consumption of IT services across the Group and dramatically reduce operational and capital expenditure

    • Customer

      E-Konek Pilipinas 

    • Industry

      Logistics and transportation        

    • Offerings

      Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Dell EMC Services

    • Key Challenges

      Consolidate siloed infrastructure, Speed IT provisioning, Control costs, Centralize and simplify IT management and procurement

    • Outcomes

      Centralized IT across the Group, Reduced expenditure, Enabled rapid service provisioning, Provided foundation for strong business growth

  • Our Approach

    Enterprise hybrid cloud

    E-Konek partnered with Dell EMC to create an architecture that simplifies the deployment of an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.  The Dell EMC team, consisting of Nagesh Madhwal, Client Solutions Director, Rowena Peji, Account Manager, Albert William Yu, Solutions Principal, Mark Sanchez, DPS System Engineer, and Dave Tan, Account System Engineer, worked closely with E-Konek to understand its pain points and match the company’s challenges to the right cloud solution. A cloud suitability strategy helped determine which of the company’s applications were suitable for deployment, and the Dell EMC team demonstrated its proven ability to deploy a cloud within 48 hours. Dell EMC supported E-Konek’s migration to the cloud environment and helped the company develop its IT roadmap.

    • “The Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud has enabled us to monetize our IT investment and ensure we can present the value of IT intelligently to the different CEOs of the group of companies. In turn, the CEOs can now focus on their businesses instead of managing IT infrastructure.”

      Eisma Theresita Executive Vice-President, E-Konek Pilipinas

  • Outcomes

    Improving resource utilization and accelerating delivery

    Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud platform has transformed E-Konek’s IT organization into a trusted advisor, delivering business users IT services with greater speed and agility. Self-provisioning features of the Dell EMC solution enable business users to obtain resources rapidly for deploying and running new applications.

    In moving to an Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, resources are now shared and pooled across the E-Konek network. Resources are allocated on demand to meet both surges and specific project requirements. Previously, it would take the IT team one month to provision an environment for new projects but with automated provisioning this occurs almost instantly. Administration is significantly reduced, enabling the IT team to focus on critical requests and accelerate service delivery.

    Driving business focus and compliance

    E-Konek has monetized its investment by introducing chargeback and showback services. The result is a stronger alignment between business and IT drivers, resulting in companies within the Group focusing on their businesses rather than procuring and managing their own infrastructure. Multi-tenancy enterprise data protection exists for applications located in the country where data must reside.

    Reducing total cost of ownership by $627,000

    After deploying the Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, E-Konek has reduced its total cost of ownership by $627,000, comprising both operational and capital expenditure. This is a result of IT automation, process simplification and agility that the platform provides. Cost savings will be reinvested into innovative business developments, such as new mobile apps and IaaS offerings on the web.