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    PowerEdge Innovations

    Become more agile and accelerate innovation with cyber resilient solutions for cloud, edge, and AI.

    • Michael Dell

      Chairman & CEO, Dell Technologies

      Join Michael and Pat Gelsinger as they discuss how Dell Technologies and Intel are working together to address opportunities presented by the trends of today and tomorrow.

    • Pat Gelsinger

      CEO, Intel

      Newly-appointed Intel CEO and longtime Dell collaborator Pat Gelsinger joins Michael in conversation.

    • James Cameron

      Film-Maker, Explorer, CEO Lightstorm Entertainment

      James Cameron will share how technology and A.I. have allowed to him create some of the most memorable films of the last three decades and the critical role they play in his future productions.

    • Innovate, Adapt and Grow with PowerEdge

      Dell Technologies will showcase the new dynamics of the data center, driven by innovations in the PowerEdge portfolio. Together with our partners, we will showcase how Dell Technologies helps organizations become more agile and accelerate innovation with cyber resilient solutions for cloud, edge, and AI. We make it so businesses Stop at Nothing to evolve through the challenges of the data era. With Q&A sessions and special guests, organizations of all sizes can learn how PowerEdge will help them innovate, adapt, and grow.

    • Featured Speakers and Moderators

    • Josh Aas

      Chief Executive Officer, Let's Encrypt

    • Adam Cantwell

      Data Center Manager, Overstock

    • JJ Davis

      Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Dell Technologies

    • Courtney Hughes

      Communications Manager, Client Product Group, Dell Technologies

    • Arthur Lewis

      President of the Global Infrastructure Solutions Group and Portfolio Management, Dell Technologies

    • Forrest Norrod

      Senior Vice President and General Manager, Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Business Group, AMD

    • Ravi Pendekanti

      Senior Vice President, Server Product Management, Dell Technologies

    • Jonathan Seckler

      Sr. Director of Server Product Marketing, Dell Technologies

    • Lisa Spelman

      Corporate Vice President & General Manager, Xeon and Memory Group, Intel

    • Gerri Tunnell

      Senior Vice President, Global Field and Partner Marketing, Dell Technologies

    • Joel Weight

      Chief Technology Officer, Overstock

    • March 17, 2021

      10:00 AM US CT

    • March 18, 2021

      9:30 AM IST 12:00 NN SGT 1:00 PM JST & KST 3:00 PM AEDT