• Digital Workplace Services

    • Empower your workforce with consumer grade personalized experiences.

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services can help you deliver tailored digital experiences to your workforce for increased productivity and worker-satisfaction. Our services can help you develop and execute a digital strategy for worker enablement. By improving the overall digital experience for your workforce, you pave the way for increased engagement, innovation and business performance.

    • Personalize worker experiences with modern Digital Workplaces

    • Digital Services Marketplace

      Digital Services Marketplace

      Accelerate the effectiveness of your service centers with next generation consumption experience

      Our strategic services and expertise help you deliver a modern consumption experience for your business services.

      • Improve the employee digital experiences with compelling consumer-grade self-service
      • Automate and optimize your organization’s service centers with mature, integrated, end-to-end workflows
      • Drive full adoption of your enterprise standards, such as service catalogs and self-service mechanics, in order to maximize efficiencies

      Modernize your service catalogs into worker-centric storefronts

      We offer services that can help you modernize the face of IT service catalogs with a consumer-grade, self-service storefront for consuming and managing IT services.

      • Enable workers to consume IT services with a retail-like experience
      • Align offerings to business need rather than IT capabilities
      • Deliver a role-based, transparent and personalized worker experience

      Reimagine your CRM and ERP solutions

      Boost operational efficiency and sales productivity with our services for Dynamics 365.

      • Re-platform customized, industry-focused solutions
      • Deliver a seamless worker experience
      • Take advantage of Microsoft 365 ecosystem integrations

      A modern way to measure and, prioritize, and optimize IT experiences in the workplace

      Measure employee sentiment about IT services and take action to ensure a sustained measurement program is implemented.

      • Quantify and measure the IT portion of employee experience to evaluate what’s effective and ineffective
      • Use experience metrics as justification for IT project spend requests
      • Prove that IT projects result in positive gains in employee experience

      Migrate to Microsoft 365 with confidence

      Get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment with our strategic and tactical services.

      • Assess existing core platform readiness for Microsoft 365
      • Develop modern worker experiences focused on increasing productivity
      • Migrate content and services with minimal business disruption and risk
    • Digital strategy for empowering your workforce

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services can help enterprise IT deliver tailored digital experiences to their workforce. By modernizing how your workforce connects, collaborates and innovates, you can achieve higher overall business performance. Our consultants work with you to plan and execute a digital strategy designed for todays’ modern organizations.


      Accelerate your Anywhere-work Strategy and Optimize Workforce Experience

      This report explains how to construct the anywhere-work strategy appropriate for your organization. Brief introduction by Dell lays out our take on the topic and how success requires three critical components: an experience-centric operating model, new digital platforms, re-imagining hybrid meeting experiences and embracing modern devices.

    • Essential Resources

    • Accelerating Remote Workforce Productivity and Non-stop Digital Business

      Learn how you can empower employees to work remotely, accelerate digital business initiatives and redouble resiliency efforts.

    • Roundtable Discussion: The Modern Employee Experience with Microsoft 365

      Discussion on solving your most complex challenges with Modern Workplace, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, and Azure VMWare Solutions.

    • Roundtable Discussion: Executing Your Microsoft 365 Strategy

      We can help you enable dynamic teams to innovate faster with the most productive technologies and personalized experiences. View video to learn best practices for optimization, personalizing and securing your Microsoft 365 environment, productivity, and collaboration from Dell Technologies Services and Microsoft experts.

    • Services for Modern Teamwork

      Collaborate effectively, seamlessly, and securely  Modernize how your teams engage one another where team collaboration, chat, meetings, calling, and more are brought together. Provide personalized experiences that increase employee productivity.


      We offer complementary services to support your digital workplace initiatives

    • Ensure your network is ready for cloud workloads

      We can assess your network’s readiness and recommend any modifications needed to deliver the best Microsoft 365 experience.

    • ProConsult Advisory Services

      Realize workforce transformation plans for Microsoft 365 in six weeks or less.

    • Workforce Persona Services

      Workforce Persona Services

      Adopt a persona-centric operating model so you can provide the right devices, apps, and data to your workforce.

    • Adoption & Change Management Services

      Accelerate adoption of new services by preparing workers and building excitement.

    • Managed Services for Microsoft 365

      Dell ProManage ensures Microsoft 365 availability and performance with proactive monitoring and issue management.

    • Microsoft Fast Track

      Licensing benefit service to help you onboard, migrate, and drive adoption of Microsoft 365; ideal for new workload deployments.

    • Digital Employee Experience Services

      Create consistently successful employee digital experiences for your workforce.