• Services for Digital Workspace Portal

    • Modernize your intranet with consumer-grade personalized experiences

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services can help you deliver a Microsoft 365 based intranet with consumer-grade personalized experiences for your workforce. A seamless digital workplace portal empowers dynamic teams to share, collaborate and connect from anywhere, on any device for improved worker engagement.

    • Key Benefits

      • Improve worker engagement and efficiency
      • Reimagine your intranet into a modern productivity hub
      • Integrate content and actions from a variety of sources
      • Craft personalized digital experiences tailored to individual workers


      Award winning Microsoft SharePoint intranet solution in just 20 weeks


      Discover the value of creating a modern intranet and see how our digital workplace services can help.

    • Services for Digital Workplace Portal

      Reimagine your intranet and modernize it into a productivity hub that improves worker engagement and efficiency.

    • Services for Microsoft 365

      We can help you migrate Microsoft 365 with confidence as part of your workforce modernization strategy.

    • Workforce Persona Services

      Workforce Persona Services

      Adopt a persona-centric operating model so you can provide the right devices, apps, and data to your workforce.

    • Adoption & Change Management

      Prepare workers for a new intranet and accelerate adoption by building excitement for a connected ecosystem of services.

    • Employee Experience Measurement  Services

      Employee Experience Measurement Services

      A modern way to measure, prioritize, and optimize IT experiences in the workplace.

    • ProManage Services for Microsoft 365

      Ongoing administration, support, and management for Microsoft 365 tenant and workloads.

    • Resources

    • Unified Service Portals

      Unified Service Portals

      Deliver an online, self-service storefront for finding, comparing and requesting IT services to boost worker productivity.

    • Microsoft 365 Planning Considerations

      Microsoft 365 Planning Considerations

      In this eBook, we outline what you need to successfully plan your adoption of Microsoft 365.

    • Complementary services for delivering personalized worker experiences

    • Workplace Persona Strategy Services

      Workplace Persona Strategy Services

      Categorize workers into defined personas through a combination of analysis and interviews.

    • Accelerating Remote Workforce Productivity and Non-stop Digital Business

      Accelerating Remote Workforce Productivity and Non-stop Digital Business

      Learn how you can empower employees to work remotely, accelerate digital business initiatives and redouble resiliency efforts.

    • Microsoft Fast Track

      Microsoft Fast Track

      Licensing benefit service to help you onboard, migrate, and drive adoption of Microsoft 365; ideal for new workload deployments.