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    • The PowerStore revolution is here.

      You can't know the future, but your infrastructure can be ready for it with the all-new Dell PowerStore. PowerStore’s flexible, software-driven architecture gives you consistent business results in a changing world; optimizing, protecting and scaling workloads from core to edge to cloud.   

    • PowerStore 3.0

      Introducing the next stage of software-driven, continuously modern storage. 120+ new features, and the largest PowerStore release to date.

    • Software-driven storage that adapts to any future

      Build your next breakthrough on enterprise-class efficiency, performance and availability. 


      Standard Deployment

      Stay forever ahead of the competition with a high-performance unified block and file solution leveraging today’s best storage technologies.


      Hypervisor Deployment

      Consolidate workloads by running applications directly on the array while simultaneously providing shared block storage services for external hosts.

    • Welcome to the PowerStore Experience

    • Simplify IT operations for the long term with a continuously modern storage platform that evolves with your needs.

    • Experience PowerStore

    • Competitive Advantage

    • We commissioned an independent, 3rd party study by Principled Technologies to evaluate the experience of three popular Storage as-a-Service solutions.

    • Dell Financial Services

    • Acquire technology on your terms with a variety of flexible payment solutions from Dell Financial Services. **

    • PowerStore Virtual Lab

    • Experience the capabilities of PowerStore yourself with our hands-on virtual lab.


      See what our PowerStore customers have to say

    • "One of our primary goals at Kraft Group is increasing guest satisfaction all the time…file and block on a single platform gives us the versatility of not having to worry about what to do next…with PowerStore you get it all."


    • Columbia Southern University

      “PowerStore makes CSU more agile and competitive…helps us do more with less.”

      Andrew Schellhase, Senior Systems Administrator for IT Operations, Columbia Southern University

    • Ultraleap

      “We selected PowerStore due to its scalability, performance and 4:1 deduplication – the numbers are really impressive!”

      Richard Goodwin, Director of IT, Ultraleap


      “We have never seen a platform so fast….We think NVMe-over-fabric will be a key of our future infrastructure.”

      Maurizo Davini, CTO, University of Pisa

    • Arrow Electronics - PowerStore 500

      “Leveraging the advanced, enterprise-call features packed into the PowerStore 500…while staying cost-effective for business”

      Seife Teklu, Senior Solutions Architect, Arrow Electronics

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    • ProSupport Enterprise Suite

      Improve performance and stability of critical systems, increaseproductivityand reduce downtime. With the experts, insights and ease you get from the ProSupport Enterprise Suite, you’ll always be prepared for whatever comes next. 


    • ProDeploy Enterprise Suite

      Integrate new technology into existing environments with confidence through extensive planning and validation by expert certified engineers.

    • Dell Financial Services

      Acquire technology on your terms with a variety of flexible payment solutions from Dell Financial Services.**

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    • 1 Based on internal tests comparing PowerStore 1200T peak IOPS with PowerStore OS 3.0 vs. PowerStore 1000T with PowerStoreOS 2.1, running 70/30 read/write mix, 8k block size. March, 2022. Actual results may vary.

      2 Maximum effective capacity for largest PowerStore cluster with PowerStoreOS 3.0 vs. PowerStoreOS 2.0. Assumes average 4:1 data reduction. Actual results vary.

      3 Maximum supported volumes for largest PowerStore model (PS9000) with PowerStoreOS 3.0 vs. PowerStore OS 2.0.

      4 Based on internal tests comparing XCOPY performance copying 1000 36GB VMs running on PowerStore 5000 with PowerStoreOS 3.0 vs. PowerStoreOS 2.0. Actual results will vary.

      5 Anytime Upgrade Gen 1 to Gen 2 upgrade benefit requires prior purchase of ProSupport and either “Standard” or “Select” Anytime Upgrade option (where available) at point of sale to qualify. Additional terms and conditions apply.

      6 Includes select software needed to store and manage data.HYPERLINK

      7 Requires purchase of ProSupport and either “Standard” or “Select” Anytime Upgrade option (where available) at point of sale to qualify. Additional terms and conditions apply.

      8 4:1 average rate guaranteed across customer applications. Rates for individual applications may vary. See Future-Proof Program terms and conditions for details.HYPERLINK

      9 Requires purchase of a 3-year ProSupport agreement. Compliance is based on product specifications. Any refund will be prorated. HYPERLINK