Today's reality is that technology is no longer boxed in - it's happening all around us. Enabled by emerging technologies but founded upon effective data management. What does this mean for organizations to be inclusive and their technology leaders today?

CIOs are faced with no shortage of competing projects and priorities. And with many projects being put on hold due to economic uncertainty, picking the right areas to advance is critical. The data shows why technology leaders would be well served to preserve and even accelerate their data management initiatives since more mature organizations are able to:

  • Drive innovation and transformation with data-driven product development.

  • Deliver a superb customer experience by better understanding and acting on customer data.

  • Ensure uptime and reduce risk with proactive and predictive maintenance.

All of these combine to help organizations with mature data management practices achieve improved economic results.

To achieve these results, your organization should look to solve for key challenges by:

  • Focusing on data quality and investing in data storage and management solutions that allow your organization to mine and integrate data properly. Focus on solutions that will give your organization a comprehensive view of its data regardless of where it was created and where it resides.

  • Democratizing it. With that high-quality data in hand, give your people the access and tools they need to put your data to work.

  • Skilling up your staff by promoting and rewarding data-centric training and certifications. Create a culture that promotes inquisitiveness and creativity when it comes to applying data to business problems.