We are committed to access for all

    • We recognize the power of technology to transform lives

      When the pandemic resulted in a new, virtual way of living, it also increased the disparity between those with access and those without. We are committed to ensuring everyone has equitable access to opportunities through technology. 

      By partnering with schools, governments, non-profits and private organizations, we are creating an ecosystem committed to delivering equitable access to the tools, skills, and resources needed to drive change and create opportunities for underserved communities around the world.

    • Our progress and partnerships

    • FY21 Progress Made Real Report

      FY21 Progress Made Real Report

      In our second report on our social impact plan for 2030, we focus on thoroughly explaining methodologies and data that show our progress toward our 2030 goals.

    • Community Impact Advisors

      Our Community Impact Advisors help connect communities and nonprofits to our giving and volunteering programs.