• Remote Workforce

    • Enable Remote Workforce Productivity with an Expert Partner

    • It’s a big challenge to rapidly expand a remote workforce. When your job is to ensure productivity and business continuity, how do you quickly pick technologies that will fit their work styles and needs outside of the office? How do you get it right when there’s no time?

      When a remote workforce doesn’t have the right telecommuting solutions, productivity can grind to a halt. They need secure file access, communication and collaboration tools, flexible devices that fit their way of working, a familiar environment with all their apps and lightning-fast connectivity no matter where your remote employees are. Dell Technologies can provide the remote IT hardware and immediate hands-on services you need to equip, manage and support sudden growth of your remote workforce.

      • Dell Laptops & Desktops. Factory-provisioned systems preloaded with Windows 10, drivers and key applications so your remote workforce can get back to work immediately.
      • Productivity Aids. Laptop docks, larger and second monitors, wireless headsets – whatever your remote workforce needs.
      • Collaboration Tools. Microsoft Office 365 applications – Teams, OneDrive, Exchange – enable secure file access, video meetings, sharing documents and more.
      • Office 365 Expansion. We help companies with existing Office 365 environments to expand usage of collaboration solutions like Teams, OneDrive and Exchange, or establish Azure Active Directory.
      • Help Desk & Support. Better manage major shifts in where users are working with support services for your IT team, or fully handing off help desk responsibilities.
      • Remote Administration. Establish Unified Endpoint Management with Quick Start for VMware Workspace ONE or Microsoft Intune to manage devices and systems from a single console.
      • Security. Confidently prevent threats with Dell and Microsoft security solutions, or even setup Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 
    • Building a Connected Workplace and Remote Workforce

      Dell Technologies collaboration solutions enable companies to build and support a digital connected workplace.

    • Trusted Devices for Your Remote Workforce

    • Trusted devices are the foundation of any environment’s ability to protect data and competitive advantage at all times. Our comprehensive approach to endpoint security layers innovative hardware, software and network solutions for the industry’s most secure commercial PCs.

      • SafeBIOS.We build security into our devices’ hardware to protect the layers below the OS. This behavior-based threat detection gives you visibility to hidden attacks through Dell’s exclusive off-host BIOS verification, BIOS Image Capture and Indicators of Attack.
      • SafeID. Only Dell secures user credentials – passwords, biometric templates, security codes – in a dedicated security chip. Isolating this often-targeted data from the OS and network on purpose-made hardware, it stays hidden from malware out of the reach of hackers.
      • Trusted Access. Continuous monitoring and validation of the device, user, network and applications.
      • SafeScreen. Remote employees can work confidently anywhere knowing that their integrated digital privacy screen is keeping private information private.
      • SafeData. Encrypts sensitive data at the endpoint to ensure it is secure in the cloud, giving remote workers  the freedom to securely collaborate.
      • SafeGuard and Response. Comprehensive threat management powered by VMware Carbon Black and Secureworks that prevents, detects and responds to advanced malware and cyberattacks keeping you and your remote workforce productive.

    • Let’s Dispel Some Myths About Remote Workforce Portals in the Cloud

      • Myth: Cloud transformations require huge budgets.
      • Not if you choose Dell Technologies hybrid cloud solutions. With Dell you can add cloud capabilities to your existing infrastructure, so there’s no need to budget for replacement of expensive core assets. By blending CapEx and OpEx over time, you’ll turn a significant transformation into an ongoing maintenance project. What’s more, you’ll continue to realize (perhaps even extend) return from previous investments.
      • Myth: Cloud transformations are extremely disruptive.
      • They certainly don’t have to be, especially when you continue to use your existing infrastructure.
      • Myth: Cloud transformations must be carefully planned.
      • Flexibility is a key benefit of Dell hybrid cloud solutions. Your transformation will be in step with business growth, with cloud capabilities added to meet the demand of remote workforce expansion.
      • Myth: Blending different cloud solutions is a recipe for trouble.
      • VxRail with VMware Cloud Foundation is a complete, unified, automated, multicloud solution that simplifies management and operations with a common interface. It is truly the future of work . You’ll be free to add whichever cloud best meets the needs of your remote workforce at that time without worrying about incompatibility or the complexity of managing multiple clouds.
    • Work from Home – Remote Work Solutions

      Empower employees to work from home and be productive by enabling remote workforce and collaboration solutions.

    • Flexible Payment Solutions

      Payment solutions from Dell Technologies give you multiple options to acquire the latest IT solutions in the same place and preserve your cash flow.

    • Remote Worker Solutions

      All-In-One desktop with VPN allows remote workers to collaborate with colleagues, access and share files easily.